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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Technology, Cookies, and Memories

So, this morning my Shug and I got up, and as we are sitting down to eat breakfast in front of the t.v. at 5:30 a.m. the remote won't work. The t.v. works, but the remote does not. So whatever channel the t.v. is on, is the only channel we can watch. Because you cannot use the t.v. anymore to change the channel. And that's because just a few weeks ago we had to change our remote, to the provider's remote, and put this system on our t.v. or we couldn't watch t.v. at all. It's been great in one way because we have been getting a lot of stations that we lost about a year ago, but on the other hand, our old trusty, never had a problem with remote always worked. It's taped shut because it's been dropped so many times that it won't stay closed on it's own, but it always worked. And the provider's remote doesn't work, after less than two months. It was working when we went to bed last night just fine, just like my wifi.

So My Shug got the instructions out and tried to re-program it, but the t.v. went off, and he got all frustrated, started yelling at the dogs who were insisting on sitting on his lap, and said "you're going to have to fix it, I have to get to work." He did not even eat breakfast. Well, as I'm trying to re-program the remote, the instructions specifically states "at this point your t.v. will go off" so he was doing the right thing. Only now, it won't go off. It doesn't do anything. Just like my wifi.

So by 6:15 this morning I'm frustrated... over technology. I's great when it works...but you see, we get all addicted to this stuff. Then when it doesn't work, it ruins our mood. Our day gets started off on the wrong foot. And we don't know if we can live without it. Can we?

I'm wondering. You see, we have more ways of communicating now than ever, yet we don't really communicate. There are people in my life I used to be close to when we actually spent time TALKING on the phone and visiting with each other. We don't talk anymore. We chat.

So, I'm wondering how much of this stuff we have is really worth it. What would I do if I didn't have t.v. or computer? Well, I would certainly miss all of you, I really would. I enjoy reading what is going on in your life and I love 'visiting' with you. But I sometimes spend hours on the computer. Do you? I suppose I'd start reading my Bible again. I used to do that first thing in the morning, but now I blog instead. I'd probably have a cleaner house, might even have time to clean that basement. And at Christmas, I used to get up and sit by the tree with my coffee and read novels that were centered around Christmas. Such as The Christmas Pearl by Dorothea Benton Frank. It was so relaxing and I actually enjoyed my Christmas decorations. I didn't do that this year. I'd probably knit and crochet and sew more. Now I just do that in the evening while watching t.v. Which means I can't make anything intricate such as my cabled blanket I started, because I have to actually focus on it, and I can't really focus and watch tv. I'd spend more time with my dogs actually doing something with them. Maybe even walking! I'd probably cook better meals and actually use some of these cook books I have. I'll stop get my point. So would that stuff be more fulfilling than computers and t.v. hmmmm....just thinking.....

I won't be downloading pictures right now that's for sure. I will have to save that for my coffee shop visits. Dial-up takes about 20 minutes a picture. We decided not to get rid of the dial-up connection because it's so cheap and "if we ever need it..." But I can guarantee after having wifi, dial-up won't cut it for long. So I'm just thinking.......not making any rash decisions....because I don't know if I really do want to live without my technology......but I definitely could live without the frustration. And I dread dread dread calling the remote year they were voted 2nd worst customer service help in the country. I won't say what the first was, but I use them too :)

In the meantime, someone asked me at Christmastime for the No Bake Cookie recipe I use. Here it is.

No Bake Cookies

1 stick butter
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup cocoa
2 cup sugar
1 TBS vanilla
1/2 cup peanut butter (sometimes I use crunchy)
3 cups quick oatmeal (I use either kind)

Mix first five ingredients together and bring to a boil. Boil one minute. Remove from heat and add 1/2 cup peanut butter. Stir pb until it melts. Then add 3 cups oatmeal. Mix well and spoon onto wax paper to set.

This recipe is written (not typed) on a recipe card that is a bit grungy and bent, and it has a note at the bottom of it that says "This is the one I use to make you kids" ( I tried to scan it, which I've done before...didn't work) This recipe was given to me by a babysitter I had when I was a little girl. It's in her own handwriting. I cherish it. It's the only thing I have from her. I don't even have a picture of her. Her name was Wilma Osenbaugh. I will always remember her. She watched me and my brother for years. Until we were old enough to be on our own, but then my Mom had my sister and Wilma watched my sister too. She used to make these cookies quite often for us because they were quick and easy and yummy. Her, and her husband Gayland were like family. She also had foster children which I always got attached to and then they'd leave. And she had her own children. What she did not have was a computer. And her t.v., well it worked with an antenna.

Who would ever guess that it really is the simple things you do in life that create the best memories. My brother and I always joke about a memory we have as a of us would go out and turn the antenna while the other one would stand in the living room looking at the tv with the door open yelling.....STOP..GO BACK...WAIT...TOO FAR....STOP THERE!!! You see, with an antenna, you would just move it a bit to get the tv reception. And when the tv quit working, you would GET IT FIXED. For real. You didn't go out and buy a new tv, you got it fixed! It was usually the picture tube. I remember hearing how expensive picture tubes were. The remote was our little sister, when she was about three! She'd turn the KNOB ON THE TV until we would stay STOP..GO BACK....WAIT...TOO FAR...STOP THERE!


By the way - I cannot check some of your blogs if they have a lot of 'stuff' on them because they won't download on my dial-up. When I go to a coffee shop, which probably won't be today, I'll check them.


  1. We had Comcast cable and things would work briefly, they'd come out and fix, things would go out with in a week.We did that for a whole YEAR, off and on. I have a love/hate relationship with technology. It is helpful and useful and at the same time breaking down all the normal things we did before we used it.
    Hope you get yours fixed soon!

  2. I think I can go one better than all of you in the memories of technology stories.....

    Wait for it.....

    We had a coin operated tv.
    Yes, coin operated.
    It was how you paid it off, cos they were rentals.

    Do you know how frustrating it is when you are 5 minutes from the end of a movie, and, foof, off goes the telly, and nobody had another 2 shilling coin to put in the slot??

    My aunty got really inventive with hers, which she passed on to my mother (Scottish people can be quite inventive, after all, they did invent the telly in the first place, and the phone, and pencillin etc etc)
    She used to file down pennies with a big rasp file, to make them the same size as the two shillings.....

    Yes, technology does creep up on, and in and through our lives.
    In the past week Ive been making a point of reading my bible before I get out of bed, or I probably wouldnt get to it.

    Maybe if I didnt use technology so much, I could clean my windows.

    Hope your wifi gets fixed soon Cindy.


    PS> Our dog ate our remote control.

  3. Bee Lady, The Techno World is harsh and yet enjoyable. Good Luck ...Your Assistant sounds like my Assistant when technology gets screwed up

  4. Cindy, I hope you hang in there so I can keep in touch with ya! I would miss you tons.

  5. Oh yeah...If you wrote that Blog in the early morning.....Your Talkative in the A.M.

  6. Ha! Great minds think alike!!! How funny that we both posted that! Those are cookies that it is easy to say, "Just one more to......"

  7. Hi Vintage Farmhouse - We have Comcast too. However, as you probably noticed, it wasn't their fault (still blushing) Such a simple thing to fix, even an 11 year old can do it!

    Fi - I actually got up and read my bible today! Well, a devotional. I miss my wifi though. I'm trying to find a provider that works in town and the country, so far no go. I love your Aunty! You should post that story on your blog with a picture of her. I'm visualizing what she would look like! A coin operated tv, oh my. I've never heard of such thing. Windows are supposed to get cleaned? Who knew?

    Queen - I was ranting...sometimes ranting takes you places, and you just have to let it all out. My Mother says I have "The Gift of Gab" She also says I'm "Big Boned" instead of fat. Isn't she a sweet Mom.

    Rebekah - Those were the cookies that I kept having just one more! Those, and this other kind that are pretty simple too. I don't know if they have a name, but you take two Ritz crackers and spread crunchy peanut butter in the middle of them (like a sandwich) then you dip them in melted chocolate and put them on waxed paper to set. Yum!



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