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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resolution 3, 4, & 5

What do these pics have in common? Can you figure it out?
yup - lotta plastic going on in this house.
This is not my first rodeo on this resolution. To stop using plastic.
It's like the 'gonna lose 10 pounds one'. I make that resolution every year and just lose interest. Now I'm up to 'gonna lose 30-40 pounds'.
And the plastic one, I've already broken it...I went to the grocery store Monday and forgot to take my cloth bags inside. I'm gonna keep on trying though.

I know how to get rid of all of the plastic except the containers. What would I put my husband's lunch in? He takes leftovers quite often. And he takes his lunch every day. For example, today he took some leftover lasagna...what would I put it in if not a plastic container?
Help me with this one bloggers. I really need to change this because he also heats his food in those plastic containers. Not good.

And besides trying to lose weight - which I haven't started on yet because we have leftover Christmas cookies in the house (see them hiding there in the PLASTIC bag).. . .
I am going to not the cookies! Purses (I'm a bag lady)...magazines (addict)...books (addict).....stuff. I have to get rid of a lot of stuff as we are moving this year. I've been working on that one already.
And those are my resolutions.
Now on to other stuff.
Tomorrow (or my next post) I'm going to talk about some of the comments on my last couple of posts....I've been thinking a lot about my blogger friends, but for now...
I like Ted Williams. I want him to make it big. He's the homeless guy with the big voice. He seems so genuine and happy. His happiness is contagious. He keeps tearing up about his good fortune. I think I'm going to cry. I think if he makes it, he might do big things someday. He's been through tough times. I want more happy stories on the news like this.
So far, nothing about the birds. Nothing.
PS - Queen. You better not call me a hoarder!


  1. Hmm that's a tough one on what to put your husbands lunches in! Target has these|B003TSXKRK&CPNG=kitchen&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=B003TSXKRK&ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001
    Maybe that would work?

  2. I love plastic bags. Is that bag? I use them as a lunch box... I use them for everything! I thought re-using WAS recycling??? Oh dear.

  3. How about something like this for your hubby's lunch...
    I have some plastics but not much and only get bags when I forget my cloth reusable ones.. lol.
    for at home I use glass containers with lids or aluminum foil to store. decluttering yes me too. getting rid of all my books except my german ones and those that have a special memory attached, with the kindle I wont ever buy books again. love it. I just made another working on the scarf to match and now started a new hat for a friend.. trying to keep busy... Hugs from South Texas...Birgit

  4. Get those corning (the white ceramic dishes) they have some with flip tops to warm stuff up in. I got one with a handle you can put soup, chili ect in. It was not to expensive and if you just get a couple for hubs lunch won't tak up too much room.

  5. Oh forgot, I have been following the homeless guy's guys story also. It is a wonderful story. I am going to send the article about the birds I got from my mom in law. Just don't read it if you do not want to.

  6. Hi Cindy

    Good on you for the plastic resolution.
    I keep forgetting the cloth bags too....

    Glass and ceramic (some have plastic lids) seem to be good alternatives, but, obviously, in a lunch box situation, they are heavier and more easily breakable.

    No idea about the birds tho.......


  7. Cindy,
    I have something similar to what Vintage Farmhouse suggested. Glass containers with lids. If he takes an actual lunch box, pad it with some bubble wrap (reusing).
    The cloth bag habit is a hard one to start, I keep a few in my car in the passenger seat...that helps. I even keep one in my purse for small purchases.
    But plastic is very hard to stay away from. We have a dog and use the bags for business. I have bought biodegradeable doggie bags too.

    My vice is the styrofoam containers. I keep forgetting to bring my cup to Dunkin' donuts and have them use my cup instead of styrofoam and when we eat out. Yes, I'm GEEK enough to take containers to take out places.

    I even bring home stuff from work bc there's no recycling program where I work.

    Luckily, there is a styrofoam recycling center around me so I feel alittle better about that.

    Oh..... the trails of a person trying to do the right thing. haha....

  8. I always forget to take the cloth bags i even keep them in my boot! and the still forget to take them out when i get there!


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