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Monday, January 17, 2011

A Bit of Colour!

OK everyone, put your hands in front of you, move them around in a circular motion, swivel your hips, put your upper teeth over your bottom lip and bite, we're all doing the HAPPY DANCE!!!

The other day I got an e-mail from Fi at Teacups and Tiskets (see side bar). She e-mailed me a new header! And I got my wifi back...and I downloaded that header all by myself!!! THANK YOU Fi! Isn't it cute? And here's the weird part...she gave me a bit of color...or should I say colour...before I even posted that I NEED colour. And this header isn't so big. Which was one thing about my last header that I wanted to change but never got around to. And I wanted to keep my "bee lady" because my nephew drew her, I added the herbs, beeskep purse, and buzzing bees, then my friend Teresa drew the sign and it all just came I really wanted to keep my bee lady. She's mine and I love her. And Fi was afraid I might think she was being a bit too "cheeky"! Hells Bells, I don't even know what cheeky means!! Isn't it amazing that someone who lives in Australia can help someone that lives in the US of A. I so love the Internet. And by the way, What's a tisket?

Now when I get with TH (places where grace is) and get my background gussied up a bit, I'll be set! She did say she thought I should update it.

OK - so this weekend my Pa turned 75! And I've called him "Pa" ever since I used to watch Little House on the Prairie. Still watch it. (I think Melissa Gilbert has had some plastic surgery ...just sayin')

Our fam - yup family stuff again - we all went to Benihanas. It's a place where they cook your food on this big griddle at your table. The food is yummy and the cooking part is a "show". They flip utensils in the air, food in the air, and they do not get in trouble for playing with your food.

Here he made a smiley face out of the eggs and shells. I didn't get the pic taken in time.

Then he made a volcano with our onions and real steam came out of it.

And a special heart out of fried rice, perfect for Valentine's Day.

Here's Pa with his Birthday hat!

Group photo

Now this is Pa, and Don. They have been best buds since they were little boys. I'm not kidding. Seems like I've heard stories that they might have been six or seven years old when they met. This seriously brings tears to my eyes to think of having a friend for 70 years that you still hang with.
After eating at Beni's - I brought my nieces home with me. I thought maybe I needed some niece therapy. Well Saturday night didn't go to well, but Sunday went great.

While I was taking a shower they headed for the basement. When I re-joined them, they had colored and "dressed" clothes pins, got out my beads, and found fairy dust (glitter). I am now finding beads and fairy dust all over my house. Isn't it great? This clothes pin is now a fairy. A much better life than hanging up wet clothes, don't you think?

They asked, after the fact, if it was ok that they go to the basement and get what they want. Yes, but you should probably ask first, then go. Although, I learned late in life that sometimes it's better to ask for forgiveness, rather than permission.

Now she was mad because no one would listen to her book report! I explained to her that now she knows how teachers feel when no one listens to them! She replied, "I always listen." Yeah right. You do not know how much this kid talks.

They decided playing with the dogs was more fun than listening to a book report.

I don't even know the name of the song, but it's from the movie Beetle Juice (daaay-ohhhh daaaay-oh daylight come and me wanna go home) and I can't remember why I started singing it, but I did. And she started dancing like they did in the movie. Twas funny - you had to be there!

See that...that is the pond in the back yard that is frozen. The last words I said to them when they went outside is to stay away from the pond. yeah - they listen allright....

Now a beautiful bracelet that was given to me. The C and D stands for Cindy & Dave.
And these are the colourful flowers and pink doily that I have on my table right now...bringing colour into my life just a bit more. We need colour in the winter months here in Indiana. And no, I did not make that doily.

I did make this....which I will talk about on another day because instead of staying in my pj's until noon and checking my bloggers like I originally planned, I need to get dressed and help my friend out at her Treasure Mart booth. I will catch up with y'all though. Give me time.


  1. I wrote about the flood a little...It makes me sad . Those snakes everywhere too ...give me the heeby jeebies.

  2. Love the new header and the whole post.. colorful it is......Happy Birthday Pa...loved little house still do.Melissa Gilbert is still one of my favorit actresses. loved Pa Ingles.
    Anyhow you still have snow,so cool, probably will miss it this year but next year,,yippee......
    I do like the colorful granny its bright and springy ( is that word).. Anyhow will catch ya later. Hugs from still South Texas,,,Birgit

  3. Very VERY nice Bee... love it... we will get you all situated soon! Happy birthday to your dad!

  4. Quite a make over you are getting there Cindy. I keep thinking about it but I just have not taken the plunge. When you change your layout and header on your blog do you have any trouble with loosing content? My artist daughter promised a cool header for me and has never came through with it so I think I need to come up with one myself. Grannies I like to make them but not so much the putting together thing.

  5. uhh...hehe..sounds like the fans are at it again.
    The chickens are easy. I just kinda looked at THs moms chick and figured it out ...I shall teach you the hand warmers and the chicks...I dont write patterns, but i will show you...Cindy Bee.....
    I am going to sell them for like 25.oo a pair though.....cha ching!!!!

  6. Cindy,
    The changes in the blog look great. You're right, the header was too big....just like mine and I don't know how to fix it either. REmember when people could just be creative, not creative AND technical!
    Happy Bday to PA. Looks like a great dinner.
    The nieces are probably alot like you huh? heehee

  7. Hi Cindy,
    Gosh, I thought every one knew 'cheeky' - just goes to show..
    Its what my mum would have called me, if she saw me at the pond after she told me not to go there.

    I think the header might be fractionally to big (not by much) and is thereby chopping off the right border (I will resize it and send it to you, now that your wifi is working - WooooHooooo!!!

    A tisket, and a tasket, are the parts of a basket - it is your task (et) to figure out which bits..


  8. I think the new header is perfect. I love that your nephew drew this. She is perfect. The internet is wonderful How nice of Fi! She did a great job. Aren’t kids wonderful? I can always count on my nephews doing all the things I say not to. But I love it. You dad and family seemed to have a great birthday dinner at Behihana. Looks like fun to me. Happy Birthday to Papa :) I agree about Melissa Gilbert.

  9. Remember that song, "A Tisket, a tasket, a green and yellow basket"? I think we sang it while playing some kind of game where you sat around in a circle and one person ran around the outside of the circle and set the basket down behind someone and they had to get up and chase you around the circle. Or something.

    Anywho...I think a tisket is a basket, possibly green and yellow, but I'm not sure if those colors are mandatory for a tisket/tasket or just part of that song.

    I love your new and improved bee-lady header. I'm glad you kept her.

  10. Oh, and I love that pink doily. Do you have the pattern? If so, can I have a copy/scan of it? I will gladly send you a pattern in return.

  11. Hi Queen - Good job on your post on the floods in Australia.

    Birgit - you are gonna be so tired of snow next year at this time if it's anything like this year. I can't believe it's only the middle of January....

    Hi Brenda - I didn't lose any content when I changed my header. Not sure if it has anything to do with the way I originally set it up or not though. I'm not really computer savvy on all of this stuff.

    I've never put grannies together. This square is about a 10 x 10. I'll talk about it later. I'm trying to decide if I want to make a granny blanket and sew all of these squares together, or just keep going around in a big square, and change colors.

    Queen - you need to make a bunch of those handwarmers and sell them at the IUK craft show next year. It's a thought.

    Hi Julie - My nieces act a little bit like me when they are around me. For the most part, they are all three very different. As for your header being too big, I don't know how to make it right, but it's exactly what mine did. I worked on it and worked on it, then gave up. Maybe my technical assistant can help you out....Fi?

    Fi - Nope, not everyone knows cheeky. But I think
    I do now! So fun learning a new language (snicker snicker) And yes the header is a tad bit too big. I wasn't going to complain.

    Hi Verde Farm - Yes kids are long as I can send them home! Just kidding. I love them.

    Pammy Sue - I didn't make that pink doily. I got it at a garage sale or some such place. I don't remember exactly but that's where I buy them. It's amazing people get rid of stuff like that. So, I don't have a pattern for it. sorry.

    Cindy Bee


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