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Friday, January 7, 2011

Meeting with Her Majesty

On Friday I met with the "Queen of Whatever" at Panera. She posted on her blog about my impatience over waiting for a bowl of soup.
Here's my take on the meeting...
The Queen mentioned on her blog that I was too impatient to wait for a bowl of soup. Well, who knew she was going to bring her entire Royal Court with her, minus the Scribe who has been under the weather. And the paparazzi found out about our meeting and there you go...the place was packed. Now Panera is a nice place to meet for coffee, and/or lunch if you're hungry, but here's how they roll. Two lines. One line is for soup, sandwiches and such. The other line is for coffee and pastries. The soup line was about 25 people long and the coffee line had one person in it, which was...The Queen. And when I very nicely stated that I don't believe I will wait in that line for a bowl of soup, the queen politely said, "Can I get you a cup of coffee?" ahem... What would you do?
And keep this between us - but apparently her High Noon meal consists of coffee and cookies. Yes we met at high noon. Her idea. And look at this...I was looking through a new crochet book I bought the other day with my 40% off coupon at the Hob Lob.....

I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone when I saw this. Is it a sign? Do we need to have a little High Noon crocheting going on at the Panera and make this blankey. Oh dear...if I did that I'd probably be breaking a resolution...maybe two. Hmmm, filling up spare time and not finishing works in progress. {sigh} We did talk a bit about my unfinished projects. She apparently thinks she is a bit of a counselor...I thought she paid someone else to do that job! I just get bored with them, I said. Her Majesty claims she gets bored too, but we must finish what we start she says. Finish Sminish I say....
I try -but sometimes there is just
too much cuteness going on.

Yes that is my log cabin blanket I was starting to work on and they just jumped right up and laid down and fell asleep. To cute I'm tellin' ya. I couldn't disturb them.
Back to the visit....We did take a little trip to the Under Construction House on Hilltop Farm. And yes, I did ask her if she would like to get in the beehives sometime this summer. But I only asked her that after she told me she was into nature. I thought I was doing her a favor. It's not every day someone offers to let you get in their beehives right? She backtracked a little about the whole nature thing when I couldn't guarantee that she wouldn't get stung.
On to other news. I got a call yesterday from the Granny Bee. She is not a beekeeper. She is the Granny Bee - leader of a stitchery group that I belong to. She just started her blog which I mentioned in my last post. She would like to meet with "us" the next time we have a "working" meeting with the Queen's Scribe as she would like some help gussying up her blog. The Scribe is a very good blog gussier upper. Maybe she needs to start a business?
Well, I need to move along now as I need to go to Target and hunt for lunch carrier alternatives to these crapola plastic containers. I wish I were this dedicated to a weight loss resolution. Brenda from LadyBug Dreams has lost 2 pounds already! Of course, she didn't eat cookies with the Queen either!
And BTW - PS: I read the Queen's comments on her post - that Fi better be nice or I'm gonna sneak over there and throw some Tiskets at her Teacups! I can get unruly you know. And TH - lose the pang honey - we'll meet again.
Cindy Bee


  1. Hi :-) Millers is considered here in OZ to be "an old ladies shop" so I was happy I found the skirt to be a young fresh pretty print, but the shop is generally know for granny type clothes lol

  2. This is what I would have texted you whilst in Joann Fabrics this evening...

    Me: Oh Bee Lady... the sale is fab at Joann... I have lots of selections in my arms.

    Me: Holy CRAP! The Red Heart shimmer yarn that SAYS on the sign is on clearance is not according to the super RUDE MEAN GROUCHY LADY who won't give me the sale price. Grrrrr..

    Me: I told her to keep it then. My back hurts and my blood is boiling over.

    Me: Bee Lady, I do think I need to refrain myself from reporting her rudeness... grrrrrrr

    Me: I am home now, with little yarn to show for it and in a bad mood. Sigh

    Hope you had a better time in Menards... surely they have better customer service. See how much I would have lit up your phone if you had unlimited texting? Aha... precisely why you probably shouldn't. tee hee

  3. And if I were to text, I would have responded...

    BL - Go get a cart girlfriend!

    BL - I bet I know who is waiting on you!

    BL - Calm down...I'll meet you there in ten minutes with all of my 40% off coupons. It's not worth having a heart attack over....or maybe it is...but don't!

    BL - E-mail Red Heart

    BL - So sorry you're in a bad mood. Get out your hook and turn on the Hallmark Channel! That should help!

  4. This sounds like quite a trip to Panera. I wouldn’t wait in that line either :) You had me laughing the whole way :) LOL

  5. hehehehe... I feel better all ready. I was gonna send Mike out to argue and get my karn sarn yarn in the morning. I'm pretty sure he'll get it cuz I KNOW it was 60% off, the sign said so. If he can't get past the crazy lady... than I will call you for back up... lol.

    Me: Thx B.L. Over & out.

  6. Standing in line stinks!

    but the puppies are adoreable! good snugglers....

  7. Love the pics of you and your 2 doggies. So cute.


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