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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I'm interrupting my own resolutions posts to say
There are dead birds falling from the sky by the hundreds.
Here's the thing...
I used to have a pet bird. I had Buddy the budgie for about 12 years.
Apparently we don't know what is causing this dead bird phenomena, but I do know this.
When I had Buddy the Budgie, there were warnings that came with him.
WARNING: Do not use chemicals near your birds cage.
WARNING: Do not clean your birds cage or food bowls with detergent.
WARNING: Do not have your bird in the same room while you self-clean your oven.
WARNING: Do not spray room fresheners near your bird cage.
Guess what else? If you have carbon monoxide in your house,
your bird will be the first to die.
"They" think the birds died because they were spooked by fireworks and flew into a building?
(sarcasm here) Huh...I never made the connection.
And just now I heard on the news that they think the birds flew into a power line! What?
Suddenly, 450 birds all at the same time decide to fly into a power line. Really?
(say with disdain) I am insulted that 'they' think we are that stupid.

Beekeepers are suddenly losing hives by the 100's...
Colony Collapse Disorder...
deformed frogs being found in ponds...
dead birds falling from the sky...
yesterday hundreds of dead fish found in the same area as the birds......
40 years ago Rachel Carson wrote a book called Silent Spring.
40 years later it is still in print.
I haven't read it.
I'm afraid.
UPDATE: Just on the news, 7:30 pm.....dead birds now in Kentucky. This is the THIRD state.


  1. Silent Spring is a good book Cindy Bee...It was very contraversial at the time....I think it is something else too.....just like that dead ex-military guy ....exadvisor to 3 presidents found dead in a dumpster the same week.........hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. PS...i can meet for coffee this week ...i will check with TH

  3. I wanna meet for coffee! WAAAAAH!

  4. I jumped over from Pam's Blog {Scotty's Place}... I am freaked about this bird thing & I had not yet heard it happened in KY. We live in Indiana... Today, about 200 black birds decided to stop by for lunch and covered my yard. It was creepy! I let Riley,(big Dog) out on the screened in porch to tell them to get the heck out of here. The sound of all those birds flapping was some scary sh*t!

  5. AHHHH! I just read your bio...You're an INDIANA girl too! yay! :)

  6. Soooooo scary about these birds. There was picture of them covering the street! I kind of bought the fireworks exclamation but how come that's never happened before??????

    And the military advisor in DE, found in a dump. Didn't think of a connection, but now you have me thinking...again....;)

    Nothing happens in me, I live here!

  7. Hi Cindy. My Mom in Love sent me a piece about this very thing. You will not like what it says but if you want I will forward it to you. She read most of it to me over the phone, I have not been able to read it again myself. It is not the time it is the thoughts it brings with it.

  8. Why am I JUST NOW seeing that B.N. (Granny Bee) has a blog? I'm holding you responsible...


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