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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mysterious Coffee Shop Blogger is back!

Mysterious blogger with weathered leather satchel is back in the coffee shops.
Apparently mysterious blogger doesn't have an isp because of the snow storm, or something. Please be patient, even though she probably won't be, and send good thoughts and wishes her way while she waits to see if she'll have wifi or have to go back to dial-up. (Coffee shop needs to take Christmas decorations down--hmmm, I want that tree..the ladder too)



  1. Hi B~

    Sorry about your wifi issues. Hopefully you will be up and running in a jiffy.

    I think its time to try a blog background again for you. I found a new website that is so cute and has easy to install wall papers for your blog... and I am almost certain it will work for you. I really think last time was a fluke... don't be scared. I showed the Queen yesterday and she loved the new looks... she even picked a royal one out.

    Hope you are staying warm. I am tucked in today. And contemplating the possible reorganization of my walk-in closet. And I'm planning Spring cleaning for next week. I figure if I do it early... maybe Spring will show up.

  2. ...and I want the leather satchel for my laptop.

    Actually, Id need a new battery for it as well, if I was talking it to the coffee shop, unless they let me plug it in.


  3. Our internet was sooooo s-l-o-w the last few days. I guess everyone in the hood is snuggled in and on the 'puter...
    I hope you get your back soon.
    I see one of your comments 'plan for spring cleaning'. Are we supposed to do that? Who knew? haha


  4. I think sitting in the coffee shop would be a nice change of pace. No wifi in our little town. Hoping your having a good week!

  5. Love the satchel. I get so frustrated when our wifi goes out. At least you can have good coffee while you type :) Stay warm.


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