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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Granny Bee visits the Fabric Store!

I've been making a few Grannies.....
and just not liking them. Oohhh they're ok, but I don't like the maroonish yarn at's too fuzzy. I just felt like my afghan needed some ooomph.

So I decided to go to the Fabric Store, that sells yarn, since I had a couple of coupons for 40 & 50 percent off. And here I go again...getting all confused.

pinks...purples....blues....can't remember the colors in the rug...

So I have all this yarn laid out on the floor at the fab store,with these two grannies, needing some serious help, and my cell phone's the Granny Bee!
She is out and about....and needed some she came to my rescue!
But before helping me, she walks in and picks up three skeins of yarn, quicker than you can snap your fingers. Just like that. And apparently I must have given her a look because she said, "I need it to bind my rug." I'm thinking...yeah..but how do you KNOW those are the colors you want when there are four rows of yarn here? And did you even look at the end caps?" But I didn't say that because I don't have the time for both of us to be confused.

So she gets her yarn, sets down her purse, whips out her cell phone, brings up my blog, and starts matching yarn with my rug from the picture of it that I posted.
"Do you have any mustard color at home Cindy?," she says.
"Mustard? Nope, don't think so." I say.
"You need mustard."
"I do?"
She hands me her phone.
I do.
These are the colors I need to match the rug and give the afghan more oomph.
So I buy it, come home, and look right there in that basket! For the love of God and all that is's mustard! (is it ok if I say that? I saw it in the comment section on the Queen's blog and I liked it

Right there in the basket, in front of the couch that I sit on every night. {sigh}
I remember now. I used it for these.

But it doesn't match as well as the color we matched up with her phone pic, which is actually called "honey"....I even love the name...honey...The Granny Bee helped the Bee Lady pick out the color honey....'s right there in the middle...

And would you look at this....they match the rug perfectly! ('cept for the mustard-on the end)

Even Sweeter! So I'm gonna make a few more grannies and let y'all know how it goes.
Stay tuned for more about our fab store visit in the next post.
Cindy Bee


  1. I think, Cindy Bee, that you might end up changing your mind about the mustard on the end.

    I think you might need to to give an extra 'oomph' to the squares. A bit of sparkle.
    The other colours are similar in value, the mustard will lift it.


  2. Fi,

    Really? You think it matches ok? If you say so, then I'll use it. You know way more about color than I do, being the painter and all....

    Hey you know the map at the bottom of the page with the little blinking star? I tend to forget about it, but I was looking at the comments below it, and I saw a blinker on Sydney, Australia and I wondered if it was you! Then you leave a comment. Isn't technology amazing?
    Cindy Bee

  3. Cindy...Use the mustard. Do not be swayed by the name of the color. Think of it as .. a medium sounds a little more pleasant.

    I actually like the rich blues, teals, and greens....yum
    FYI..Mel V. always says "for the love..."
    I like it too...I think its cute....hehe

  4. OK the mustard is in. I like the rich blues, teals, and greens too. But I must use the yarn I have stashed. I'll never stash again. Tastes change.

    My Sister and I are always saying "for the love of...{someone}" we used to always say "Pete" but now we change the name quite frequently. It's kinda fun.

    Cindy Bee

  5. Colors look wonderful,,,love your new header!!

  6. Hello - just found you via Lucy's blog.I've been making squares and also using maroon and wasn't sure about the colour too"!

  7. Oh hey, I never noticed the map down there. Nifty! Good luck with your colors!

  8. Ha you crack me up... and talk about great luck to have your friend walk in just in the nic of time. You must live right girl~
    Can't wait to see it all finished, looks like you have a great start on a wonderful project

  9. I always say "for the love of all that is holy"

  10. You definitely needed some umpf! Those colors now are perfect. Can't wait to see it put together. Are you going to use the join-as-you-go method? I highly recommend it. I just learned to do it with my Red Granny. There's a two-part video tutorial on you-tube that I found very helpful. I just crocheted along with her, pausing the video when I needed extra time.

    Anyway, that's a pretty rug. A blanket to go with it will be splendid.

  11. Thanks Ronda.

    Hi Vintage Farmhouse! That map isn't automatically there. You have to put it there. The Queen (blog Queen of Whatever) had her Scribe put it on my blog for me. I like it when I remember to look at it.

    Hi Pammy Sue, I've never made a granny blanket, unlike you who are whipping them out like crazy! So I have no idea how I'm going to put it together. But, I'm not sure about doing it as I go because I'm not sure how to place the squares. I'm making them all different with the same colors. Know what I mean?


  12. Stroke of luck indeed having your friend come and help! I love all the colours It will look great.

  13. Hey Cindy Bee,
    I love your story on my blog. Too funny!
    Are you getting snowed upon like we's heavy and wet. and I STILL have to be @ work tomorrow...(when ever I get there).
    Mustard...who would have guessed.
    I think you should go with darker colors next time....just confuse you...hahahah...(ok I'll be quiet now)
    have a good time grannying.....

  14. Good for you and good for Granny Bee to the rescue. They will look wonderful with the rug!

  15. Wish I had a friend walk in like that and help.. Texas is all for homemade but not in the knitting or crocheting sense. Maybe cause there is no real use for heavy hand made blankets and afghans etc especially down here in the southern part. No one I know here does any crafting ie crocheting knitting except mom and me.. couple of older ladies like mom that she knows but no one my age.. I miss that. Oh well maybe once I am in indiana I can meet someone to be those second eyes for me... Cindy Bee lovely colors can't wait to see them assembled ...Hugs from South Texas

  16. Love the colors you ended up with! Oh, to have a 50% off coupon!

  17. I love those colors! They all go good together. Can't wait to see. :o) xoxo


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