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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Australia floods affects one of my blogger friends

I just updated my blog a few minutes ago. (below this post) I told my Shug I was going to stay up awhile and watch a Hallmark movie and get caught up on a few blogging friends. Well, the 2nd one I checked has me in tears and I am compelled to help, but I don't know how. Maybe it'll just be for all of us to say a prayer for these people, I don't know. I don't even remember how this blogger and I found each other, but found each other we did. Then we didn't connect for a long time. Well, I heard from her the other day out of the blue. I had forgotten about her then all of a sudden there she is....commenting on my blog. And I remembered her...and her blog. I'm asking all of you to please, go here and say a prayer for these people. All of them.



  1. Thanks Cindy, I left a comment.

  2. Through some of the yahoo groups I am in I know a couple of peeps in aussie land.. its horrible whats happening there with the flooding. thank heavens all my online friends are ok but just as with your blogger friend some don't know whats gonna be there when they return home... sending prayers for sure. hugs from south texas..Birgit

  3. Thanks for caring, Cindy Bee. That's the best way of helping of all.


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