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Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm sueing the yarn stores!

I think I'm going to sue the yarn stores in Indiana, including Hobby Lobby & JoAnn Fabric. Because I have too much yarn and material, and they sold it to me. It's not MY fault, they are the ones that sell it.

Yes, I'm joking...but did you hear about the 'tumbling texter' ? She was texting and fell into the mall fountain, and now she wants to sue the company whose employee put it on You Tube. It's hilarious, and it got a lot of hits. Would she sue if she got $10,000 for it because someone turned it in to Funniest Home Videos? And I didn't even hear about it until SHE went on the news to complain. At one point it looks like she is trying not to laugh. It shouldn't even go to court, but it will. I can see it now if things like this continue to clog our court systems.
Yarn Store (YS): Uh Cindy, how many skeins does that make for you today?
Me: Uhhh, what's the limit?
YS: How many Cindy, fess up.
Me: Well, I just want to make this granny square blanket....
YS: But don't you have yarn in your basment that you can use?
ME: Yes but I just need this one shade of blue....
YS: Sorry Cindy, we have to take responsiblity for your actions now.
Ridiculous huh? Yup....just sayin'.....

OK, back to the yarn part.....

Remember last week when I was going to go yarn "shopping" in my basement? I did. I'm trying to focus on making some things for our new house, and using what I have. And I like the colors in this pillow, so I thought I'd try to match it, maybe for our bedroom...

And after all of that, here's the problem. The skeins are way too different in size to put together in the same blanket. And I tried to double up the blue, for example, and it kept tangling and just wasn't worth the trouble.
See what I mean about the different sizes.
So I changed directions. I decided to try to find some skeins that the yarn is close to the same size....and maybe in those shades...

I have a lot of the blue, the maroonish color. And the cream and green above are big I think these would work well together, and be enough for a blanket.
Then I decided to throw in a few other colors when I realized that those skeins match this rug
I could add matching shades of yarn that I already have, but I don't have a lot of these shades. Just some leftover balls of yarn.

What do you think? Add the different shades, or not?

And I'm also trying to decide...

remember when I made this granny square below? I was seeing if I could make it, so I practiced with some leftover yarn. Seems everyone has one but me :-(
So, do I make a bunch of these squares and sew them together, or do I just keep going around and making one big blanket...
So crafters, how do you decide what to do? And what would you do? One big one, or a bunch of grannies sewn together? See why I never finish anything, I'm tired of it before I even get started! Hell, I'm even tired of working on this post!

If I use your idea...I better like it when I'm done, or I might sue!
Cindy Bee


  1. Oh my I think I am in love with your rug! I think the first or second grouping of yarn would look great with the rug.There is a yarn specialty store here in Zionsville but I haven't ventured in because I am afraid of the prices.I went into a childrens shop here in the village and didn't find much of anything under $65 (and that was for a t-shirt!!)So I am scurred. Love Joanns and Michaels and Hobby Lobby though.

  2. Cindy you know that sounds like the right idea,, even though right now I am not buying yarn except for the wishes at hand if I don't have it in the colors requested. still working on Abby's blanket and now on Roberts black cap for work,
    I love the colors..all of them.. they really do go well with the rug.. love it too.add those different shades I think it would look good.
    I never know what or how I am going to make something every larger project I frog at least twice before I find what I am looking for...
    regarding your granny.........hmmm I would do little squares but then the dreaded sewing together of all those.. yikes... and just going round and round makes it boring.. indecisive I am this morning..I vote for squares. end of story.... hope your staying safe and warm.......Hugs from South Texas..Birgit

  3. Hey Vintage Farmhouse - I've been to that yarn store. Be very afraid!!!

    Birgit - you sound like me! indecisive...

  4. You are a mess!!! Just remember. The queen bee would say don't over think it!!! You are stressing yourself out Hell I was gettin stressed out. To many chooses. But I do love all the colors.

  5. Ok,
    Definitely the squares - you would get FAR too bored going round and round and round and round and round......
    At least with the squares, it feels like your starting something new with each square.

    The stitching together wont take long, especially if you do like a single crocheted (im using U.S. terminology there, double-crochet for the rest of us) ridge effect to join, that is quite fast.

    I am now in the throws of starting up a course for shop owners for the Responsible Service of Craft Supplies (RSCS for short).
    (I've got to get my money back somehow...)


  6. Your a hoot Cindy! Love the pillow and the rug, I would go to the store and shop for just the right yarn. Sorry that is what I would do. Make a scrappy afghan from the left overs. I know not feeling very frugal this minute myself. No comment on the granny squares. I have two afghans started with squares that will need to be put together. One is a crocheted sampler type thing and the other a hex granny. I get bored making the squares and I do not like to put them together. That is two of my finishes on my list but I have an excuse because I am going to make all the grands a afghan first this year.

  7. I think the blankets look better with smaller square....Maybe max 5 to 7 rounds. I am finding out the hard way.. They look neater when smaller......

  8. Hi Ms Bee! Thank you for visiting me and your comment. Believe it or not I've drank coffee at night for a long time and I don't have a problem falling asleep after. Sometimes I am yawning while drinking the last cup. My problem of waking up is due to pain in my lower back and my arms falling asleep (which two docs have said is due to my elbows). I just turned 54 yesterday. I love your little white baby in the pics. I haven't read through your blog so excuse me please. Looks like a terrier. I love terriers. Mr. Lick Lick is a jack russell. I get my yarn from Herrschner's. I should have stock in the xoxox

  9. Hmmmm such a predicament! I say go and get what you need to feel comfortable with your project. You don't want to be 'hating' it while you're doing it...ya dig?
    Plus you're helping out depressed economy..heehee.
    I personally like all the little squares...bc as I'm snuggling in a blankie I kind of study it for fun. geek I know.

  10. Those are so pretty! Why do my projects always look like crap? hmpt! Im so jealous! :)

  11. Marilyn - I own the phrase "analysis paralysis!"

    Fi - OK - So I will do the squares. I've been doing a little practicing...we'll see how it turns out. I need to make some adjustments. I hope the RCSC course will be offered online!

    Brenda Brenda Brenda - Whatsamattah you? I gotta use up what I have before I buy new. The basement has to be moved come spring!

    Queen - oooh 5-7 ROUNDS - I thought you said inches....Geesh - I get it now....I left a comment on your blog and it probably made no sense whatsoever to you.

    Hi Hookin It! -- He has terrier in him but we don't really know what he is. He was found in the park. Was there for a few days, full of fleas, losing hair, skinny...and now he's a hairy chub and always going 100 miles an hour!

    Hey Geek Jul - Read my reply to Brenda above!

    Janis - I'm sure your projects are pretty. No one ever thinks their projects are good enough, or as pretty as other peoples. If you're like me you're tired of them way before you finish them!

    Cindy Bee


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