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Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat!


(painting by "Mandy")

Just curious how people celebrate Halloween in other countries, if you do celebrate.

Cindy Bee


  1. I so wanted that painting when I saw it on 'Mandy's' blog! Anywho as for Halloween, we have a fun tradition with my boys. We have to drive to where we trick or treat cause we are out in the sticks. Our driveway is 700' long so when we get home my husband drops us off at the end of the driveway and we take the spooky walk home. It goes through the woods and is pretty spooky.

  2. I tried to comment here yesterday but it obviously didn't work! Halloween is a US tradition that is spreading. It was unheard of in the UK when I was a child (40+ years ago) - we all looked forward to bonfire night on 5 November - but now there are trick or treaters there too and I saw some fantastic pumpkins on Facebook that one of my friends carved for her kids. Here in Germany there were a few small groups of kids going round last night but no-one rang our bell - very low key. So different to Canada where houses / gardens were decorated and even adults dressed up ... that came as a real shock to us and I'm told it's "worse" (more extreme) in the US!! What really shocked me in Canada though was the greed - kids snatching huge handful of sweets and walking round with pillowcases to fill. Not nice at all.


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