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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Night

I thought I'd give you a glimpse of our neighborhood on Halloween evening. I love it. We live in an old neighborhood, with big trees, and old houses. Some neighbors are in their late 80's and early 90's and have lived in the houses since they built them in the 40's. Those of us that pass out candy sit outside and visit with each other. Some decorate, or dress up, or both. And this guy....

dressed up his dog! SO FUNNY.

Our neighbor...

the next neighbor...

our neighborhood Mayor and his girlfriend, dressed up as Maxine!

The neighborhood Mayor position is self-appointed without pay.

Across the street.

My Shug sitting outside passing out candy. I know, I didn't decorate outside this year, but I did decorate inside. Just haven't been home enough this year.

One of our last Trick or Treaters! What do you think? Is she a good witch, or a bad witch?

And just as we settled inside with the fire going, crocheting, relaxing with the dogs on our lap, watching Caspar, two more trick or treaters! My Shug answered the door while I held the dogs back.

It was the little guy (he'll always be the 'little guy' to me) I used to watch. My Shug didn't even recognize him! How could he with his face covered like that!

So, I do have to tell you a story. Last year at this time we got Dixie. Read about it here. And last year this little kid came to our door trick or treating and said, "hey that looks like my dog, well the dog I used to have." That was all he said, he got his candy and left.

This year he came to the door and said, "Did you find that dog? I said my neighbor found him. He said, "Did you get him last year about this time?" I said yes. He said it was his dog, he patted him on the head and said his name was Ollie and he ran away. He didn't act like he cared nor did he ask for him back. When Dixie came to us he was scrawny skinny, no hair on his back side, bumps all over him from flea bites, and he had fleas so bad they were coming in and out his nose. I'd run away too. We put an ad in the paper, and on the radio. He had no collar, no tags, and no computer chip. No one called to get him.

Thoughts from a peri-menopausal woman...

I think his parents dumped him and told the kid he ran away. He ain't getting him back.

Cindy Bee


  1. 1st - your hood looks very fun and safe for all the kiddies and adults. I like the home town feel.
    2nd - your little guy is adorable. We have a young boy in the hood who moved 2 years ago and still comes back to our hood to T or T with his buddy. I think that is so sweet.
    3rd - Thanks goodness Ollie/Dixie has YOU! and you have him! Goodness knows what would have happened. Did Dixie respond to the kid at all? Well, Dixie is safe and sound now and that's what matters!

  2. Julie - Our hood is safe and fun, and I heart it so. Many parents drop their kids off in our hood to trick or treat! They don't even live here. We don't mind. And Dixie didn't respond to the kid any more than any other kid. When the kid patted him on the head he just looked at him and started doing his usual running around the house. Dixie doesn't sit still unless he is asleep. He didn't cry or jump on the kid or act like he knew him. I don't blame the kid for the shape the dog was in. I believe it is the parents responsibility to teach the children how to care for animals.

    Cindy Bee

  3. yep keep the cute little pup.....Keep him away from that rugrat

  4. Sweet neighborhood...I think the witch is good cause she's smiling. I love when people smile. Aren't you glad halloween's over? I think it's time to think about Christmas...yikes...that's scary. Smiles to you and yours, Susie

  5. I have been thinking about Christmas, Susie. I just want it to be a good winter, with lots of crafty time, and snuggling in, and not gaining another ten pounds! And most of all I just want to stay healthy this year.



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