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Monday, November 28, 2011

The weekend before Thanksgiving

Every year, the weekend before Thanksgiving, this group of ladies
(Vickie, Gloria, Me, Theresa, seated-Ashley, Mom)

go on a shopping trip. It's usually an overnight trip to Ft.Wayne, IN.

However, last year Mom said she was not going to go with us anymore. And this year Gloria said she wasn't going to go. They just don't have that many Christmas presents to buy anymore, not like they used to, and they are not interested in shopping all weekend.

So, as we are discussing this year's trip, Ashley e-mailed everyone and said, "since it's all about family, and not really about shopping, what do you say we go up to Michigan City and shop at the outlet mall and stay at Blue Chip casino?

So that's what we did. We all went to the Lighthouse Outlet mall.

Miss Gloria thinks she is a Princess.

After shopping, we went to a harbor type restaurant and ate.

One tradition that we have had going for years is this: We have a friendship ball and every year the person that got the ball the previous year, brings it back and gives it to someone in our group with a gift inside.

If you read last year's shopping trip post, you would see that I got the ball, with a necklace inside. This year I gave the friendship ball to Mom with a note. The note said she can keep the ball, for good, and put it on her Christmas tree as an ornament to remind her of all the wonderful Christmas shopping memories.

I said the ornament was special, just like her. We also gave her a necklace. The necklace had a mouse on it. More on that later!

After eating, we checked into our rooms and there were more surprises to come. More on that later too! (I'm trying to not bore you with too long of a post)

So, while Vickie and Ashley were winning money, playing roulette (I think that's what it's called-it's the game that you can put money on numbers like "red 9"!) My Sister and I were checking out the people.

We thought we saw Tony Bennett!

naaah, not Tony.

We thought we saw Rod Stewart!

naahh, Not Rod.

We had a lot of fun people watching.

Mom & the Princess

stayed in their room and played Dominos.

This was the view from our room.

And this castle type building was across the pond, and road, and we were wondering what it is?

And this was the view in the lobby the next morning! We should have drawn a tatoo on his face!

Cindy Bee


  1. Wow that sounds like a fun trip! I love the fact that you gave the ball to your mom.Beautiful bunch of ladies.Thanks for sharing your fun.Hugs,Jen

  2. Aw, that sounds like a very fun and special time for all of you. It's a nice tradition.
    I didn't hear you saying you got lucky and won some money,....but you definitely got lucky with the friends and family.

  3. Hi Julie,

    I was a loser. I only played the slot machines. I'm just not much of a gambler, but we did have a lot of fun.



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