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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meet Pete!

Jeeez oh Pete you guys.....from the comments on my last post I decided I better finish this owl instead of clean house this morning! As I said on the post....the pieces were laying there, they were not sewn on. The beak (tie) was not turned under or stitched down. Now it is. So tell me if you like it now, that it's done. And who is going to help me get my house cleaned up?!?!! Who? Who? (get it.......ok - sorry)

His name is Pete (after Jeez oh Pete! - is that a universal saying or just something my family says?)

it's made from recycled fabrics. The feathers are made from upholstery/drapery type fabric samples you get in those books...know what I mean? They send you home with them to see what color couch you want, only to find out the fabric you chose is 3 grand and fades in the sun. (Thanks Barb for the fabric-I want more now!)

The body is the lining of a wool coat, the beak is a tie (dammittohell I am using my ties!) and the eyes are a sweater, a suit jacket lining, and vintage buttons.

Oh yeah - the legs are ties too ;-)

I will make some stars with the fuzzy Martha yarn since everyone seemed to like it. Brenda, (Ladybug Dreams) I have an old silver Christmas tree! I'll put some on it. (Happy Anniversary by the way!)

I am making some of this stuff for a Christmas show that the Granny Bees are having. I have learned to make things that I like, and will use myself, or use for gifts. That way if they don't sell then I have something I like or a gift. No more assembly line bunnies!

We have two shows coming up actually and I reckon I need to tell you about them, in case you happen to be in town.

The first one is Saturday, November 26, 10 am - 5 pm and Sunday, November 27, 11 am - 5 pm. It is "Christmas in the Cabin" It's at 119 Kingston Road in Kokomo, IN. The house is an early American house and there will be period dressed trees with handmade ornaments, hooked items, needle felted and rug punched items for your home and holiday gifts. (taking this right off the flier-can you tell?) The cabin will be dressed for the holidays and the Granny Bees will have trunks and suitcases filled with handwork items for sale. This house is about five houses down from The Seiberling Mansion and on Saturday the mansion is having it's open house. It starts at 6:00. Santa will arrive, you get to tour the mansion (we got married there btw) have your kids pic taken with santa, they have carriage rides (reservations needed), carolers, people dressed in period clothes, and cookies and punch.'s fun.

The second show is one of my faves. It's the Annual Ornament Extravaganza. It's on Saturday, December 3, 10 am - 6 pm. One day only. It's at the same place, 119 Kingston Road. You can make your own ornament (great way to learn a new craft/hobby) or buy a kit, or buy a ready made ornament. Plus the cabin will be open at this show too.

At either of these events, come and plan on staying and visiting. We all bring 'stuff' to work on and you are welcome to bring your own item to work on and visit with us.

And also, this Saturday, The Horton's in Tipton are having their Christmas show and there are a lot of blogger friends that will be there. I plan on going! My Shug and I decided to take a day off from life and have some fun. My fun is going to be perming the top of my hair and going to the show in Tipton. Read about it on Rebecca Ersfield's or The Vintage Farmhouse blog. (Both listed on my side bar) Rebecca is having a blogger party from 2-4 and I hope I can go during that time.

Tis the season for Peace,

Cindy Bee

PS - I linked up with Our Creative Spaces. Check out all of these wonderful ideas.


  1. I love Pete! You did a great job on him. :o) Are you feeling better? How's your MIL?

  2. Pete's cool! Love the use of old ties ... and the fact that you've recycled everything to make him. Must confess, I've never heard anyone say 'Jeeez oh Pete" before!!

  3. Love Pete! It might be a Hoosierizm, my family also used and uses that saying. Thanks for the anniversary wish and enjoy your crafting!

  4. Wow Pete looks fantastic! So cool you recycled fabrics to make him :-)

  5. Yey recycled Pete! He is a cutie. We use that saying too.
    Ah Christmas Bazzars are so much fun...people are very talented....I'm lazy. hahaha

    Ummmmm did you say you were perming your hair? Now I'm worried. ;0


  6. Pete is just darling, I love him so much....especially the fabrics!! You're very clever Cindy,
    Mel x


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