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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

American Greed

I think it would be funny if the stores that open on Thanksgiving Day were boycotted.

And I'm just going to say this out loud.

If you shop on Thanksgiving Day,




YOU don't care about family,

and YOU don't care about other people's families.

Every time we buy more junk, we vote.

We vote to keep stores open on Holidays.

We vote to keep sales clerks away from their family on Holidays.

We vote to inspire corporate greed.

When is enough....enough?

Cindy Bee


  1. I think it is horrible that some people don't get to spend time with their families because they have to work in retail.
    Happy Thanksgiving Cindy. Enjoy. B

  2. Yes I think you are right... It's pretty sad... Wanted to stop by and with you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.... hope to see you Dec.3rd. at Horton's

  3. I SO totally agree with you! The sales clerks this time of year have my deepest sympathy. I worked retail for quite a few years. People are selfish, inconsiderate, mean and just downright nasty to the people that are there to wait on them. People, you have no business being anywhere but AT HOME WITH YOUR FAMILY during the holiday! And the sales people deserve to be home too. You couldn't pay me enough money to go shopping this weekend.I will get off my soapbox now, lol.

  4. Can't understand why anyone would want to go shopping on a public holiday!! Always thought it was crazy when I lived in Canada ... now I live in Germany and shops can't even open on Sundays - and definitely not on public holidays. It wasn't so many years ago that shops used to shut at lunchtime on Saturday here (so glad they don't do that any more!!). So much nicer to spend the time with family and friends!

    Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow.

  5. When I saw the title to your post I knew you were up on a soapbox. Good for you! At least you have the guts to say it. I am on your side. Retail only gets one day a year off, Christmas. Wouldn't hurt to have one more..... I know my butt will be in the woods, right where it belongs. xoxoxox Happy Turkey Day hon!

  6. I sure wish we could vote for hospitals to close too....hehehe...just kidding...
    I just dont want to work my Holidays either.

  7. Oh Cindy, You are right about that. Black Friday is enough for me.I honestly just do it to be with my daughter's. Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family. Smiles, Susie

  8. The one good thing would be that the people that have to work on Thankgiving might have more chances to shop for the deals...but overall its dumb, for sure

  9. Its crazy & sad...
    but it also unfortunately isnt a happy time for some & shopping may be just the medicine.
    IDK... Im not talking about me, but I do know some folks that have loss family or really never had and dont want to intrude on friends families.
    I could never shop on Turkey day. I am too dang exhausted from today's prepping & tomorrows cooking & eating. I use to hit the Black Fridays because the deals were too hard to beat & when you are trying to save you will jump through hoops! (I still remember the Black Friday I got the girls a Computer (this was back in the 90's & not everyone had them let alone the girls getting one to share but not have to get off so Mom can work) Anyway.. I played something like $300 for a HP computer with printer... it was half off & I waited in line at 4am went straight back (knew exactly where they were) & pushed the box all the way to the register... I also knew they would only have about a dozen. So I was A Mom On A Mission!
    ps... Im glad the hospitals dont close on Holidays!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Hey folks - I didn't say Black Friday...I said Thanksgiving Day. The actual Day. I think Thanksgiving Day should be separate from Black Friday. Now, I confess I do go on Black Friday. I don't get up early and stand in line for deals, I stand in line for my free Disney globe from Penneys. My Sister and I have been going for years. We have a collection of globes. It's a tradition and we have fun. It's a social event. We don't push, shove, or fight (like our sister-in-law!) we just go for the social and the laughter.

    Cindy Bee

  11. yes Bee...we knew you meant thanksgiving....we support you :)

  12. Technically ...midnight is Black Friday..I heard some stores were opening at midnight...I might even go at midnight...being a night owl and all...Getting up at 5 AM is torture

  13. And midnight is fine if people want to go out at midnight. I'm talking about Thanksgiving DAY...during the day ON Thanksgiving. There was a young man being interviewed on tv this morning and he was saying he does not get to be with his family on Thanksgiving because the store he works at is going to be open all day ON Thanksgiving. Now here is something I just thought of...that same store is on your list, Reality Jayne, of stores that will not let their employees say Merry Christmas. hmmph.

  14. EEEEeeeeeeeeeekkkkkk...omg....figures.Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  15. Tell me Sister!
    I told the Walmart people YESTERDAY that I would not be going to any stores on Friday...just to send a message.
    It seems like nothing is a 'holiday' any more.

  16. Cheri Back to larkriseNovember 23, 2011 at 4:16 PM

    Cindy,I am with you, I worked for years at a large hospital and every year you had to work a Holiday. The worst was Christmas.I was always so sad to leave my family and drive to work. So if I can be with family and build memories I for one can wait for a deal. Sometimes I think people forget Jesus is the reason for the Season!HUgs Cheri

  17. God bless the medical professionals & their support staff, the police depts, & fire depts for sacrificing their family time... To serve & protect everyone elses family. (& our service men & women, too!) I consider it an important part of my job to do this... I miss my family... But it may be me or my family in the hospital on Christmas and I don't want to have a bunch of humbugs taking care of me!!! They were never my "worst christmas ever!"

    As far as thanksgiving day retail therapy... I can hardly roll out the door from my aunts to get home from the carb fest... Black Friday stresses me out... So I'm all for supporting the local businesses & homemade gifts for the most part!

  18. I think Jesus would be taking care of the sick on His birthday. Not opening presents from His mom or FATHER. So no. I don't believe retail stores should be open on Thanksgiving. But I also don't think hospital workers have forgotten Jesus (reason for season) on Christmas! Quite the opposite!!!

  19. Hello Cindy, and Happy Thanksgiving! I come to you by way of Kate @ The Garden Bell. I so agree with what you are saying. I am a nurse and for 26 years I had to work holidays, there was no getting out of it cause "you are needed", but believe me, if given a choice I would have much rather been home with family (and so would the patients). There is no way I would be out on this day or Black Friday. Just the sight of people squatting in line for days, people getting trampled, fights, the grabbing and greed make me sick. The store clerks are caught up in the whole mess and have to deal with long lines and cranky people. I prefer to shop online, right here in my own home, in my pj's with coffee. There are deals to find right at our fingertips and there is no line to stand in, hateful people to deal with, or hearing the words, "we are sold out". This is flu season, and crowds are not a good thing. The UPS man brings my package to my door, I don't have to worry about getting robbed or having my gifts stolen from my car in a shopping mall parking lot. Many stores offer FREE SHIPPING and SALES on their sites. You just have to make sure the site is legit. Oh, and did I mention not having to burn up a tank or two of gasoline.....and I don't have to stand in line and listen to that crying kid who has a mom who threatens him when he is cranky and he should be home in his bed napping. People need to stop all the madness and return to the good old days of FAMILY. Besides, us crafters make a lot of our gifts throughout the year and in my book "homemade" will win out any day to a gift grabbed off a shelf at Walmart which was made in China.

  20. Cheri back to larkriseNovember 24, 2011 at 9:19 AM

    Hi Cindy, I mentioned that I worked at a hospital on Christmas and it was the worst Christmas and anonymous mentioned my worst Christmas ever comment and wouldn't want a humbug person working. being professionals we never ever were humbug! I made the best of the day and everyone worked hard leaving a home on the holidays. We all smiled and all treated people with kindness and love.18 years of working holidays is hard and missing family times,That was the worst.I have never met a hunbug hospital worker on Christmas ever quite the opposite! But it is the worst to leave your small kids on Christmas day Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving, Hugs Cheri have a Happy Thanksgiving.


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