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Monday, November 28, 2011

Rainy Day Boots

So.....when we went shopping at the outlet malls, I didn't buy any Christmas presents, but I did get a good deal on some boots....for me. Three pair to be exact!!!! These are the Rainy Day Boots I bought.

Do you like them?

It has rained FOUR days since I bought them a week and a half ago. (see the wet bricks)

It woulda been gloomy had I not bought these boots!

It's been POURING! So I've been having a lot of fun, walking through puddles!

Splish-splash! Wearing my new boots everywhere...I haven't had rain boots in years.

We even went and got a latte' together.

I wore them today to the nursing home (or therapy home. It's where my MIL is recovering) This lady at the 'home' today did NOT like them and she told me so! I told her I am bringing color in my life because color makes me happy. She smiled. Then I said...and if I didn't wear these boots today, then we wouldn't have had this conversation, and you wouldn't have smiled! She smiled again. Bigger. I think colorful boots secretly makes her happy. I told her I was going to put colorful dots all over her slippers!

And when I come out of the nursing home.....WTH!

I gotta get home and get my other new boots on!

Laawww people...this weather all in one day!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!

Time to snuggle in with dog and crochet!

Cindy Bee

Tomorrow - Jewelry from is not what you think.


  1. My ..what lovely polka dotted footwear photograpy, Very Dotty like...

  2. Ohhhh noooo RJ - You are right....I never thought about that! LOL

    Thanks gemmipop!

  3. LOL! Love your boots ,they made me smile.Crazy weather all around it seems.Hugs,Jen

  4. I love your boots !!!
    I know I need one for me.
    I wanted to get like yours before since I need it for states WA. but my carves did not fit for long boots...(;*.*;)"
    I wish they have more bigger size also for me...(;*.*;)""" Boohoo --- ...

  5. Oh I love your boots. I had ones in black and white just like them, I miss them.
    About the weather , Do you live in Canada? :) B

  6. Love those boots;:::love those colors in them and they do make you smile!! glad you bought them and who would had known you would need them so soon
    Of course you need those other boots as well::::enjoyed your post


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