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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Yarn Dogs

My Sister called on Tuesday morning and asked if I could watch their child. She was sick. I quickly showered, gathered up as much crocheting baskets as I could, and headed to her house. I decided it would be a good day to organize some projects. They were all getting jumbled.

I sat my basket down and it took about five seconds for this little girl, their new pup, to jump inside and take off with some yarn.

Over and over and over....I think she thought it was a game.

Just now, I went to find my bag of cotton yarn. I'm using my new bag for 'fun' little projects and storing my colorful cotton yarn in it.


I'm gonna start getting tough.

Cindy Bee


  1. LOL....I'm laughing, but I'm not laughing. Darn dogs!

  2. My kitties have never bothered with my yarn (except when I'm actually crocheting - I think it's the movement!) but they really love finished projects to snuggle up on. I wonder if I should make some dedicated kitty blankets...

  3. OK...Heres the deal...I want that puppy....OMG!!!

  4. Hi are so darn cute.....especially on mommy's yarn bag. LOL

  5. Well that pup is just to cute. How tough can you get? Not me I would just smile and keep taking pictures.

  6. You should bring her over Paxton would be in love!!! She's super know what we love is usually what our pets love too.

  7. I reckon Winston is protecting the rest of your yarn from that fluff ball of a puppy!!

  8. I'm answering you here. NO...I'm not going to get Leo a playmate, although that has crossed my mind. :o) I tried crating and he peed and then laid in it. I was not a happy camper having to come in the door and immediately clean him and the cage up. He's staying outside during the day now and for the most part he's ok with it I guess. When I get home he wants in the house so bad and he comes in, eats and then goes right to bed and I don't hear another peep out of him. I know he's not real happy about staying outside but I'm done with cleaning up pee and poop!!

    Once he passes I will travel until I can't or get tired of it and then I'll settle down again with a very little dog.

  9. What a cute little puppy! I'm sure you couldn't get mad at her getting your yarn! I just had to stop by since I saw on another blog you followed FlyLady :).

  10. The other day i made comment for this topic. It did not work ???
    Ok, try again...
    the dog is soooooooooo super cute !!!
    and I like your knitting bag also !!!

  11. oh my gosh, these are cute!!! :)

    (and i can only imagine that lamb got out from the gate area originally because the fence is solid as can be...) thanks for stopping by!


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