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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Brown County Fun!

I try and try to have a few small posts rather than one large one, but it just doesn't work out for me. I'll keep trying. In the meantime.....
I grew these flowers and decided to start bringing them inside, as we all know they'll be gone very soon. It's getting colder here in Indiana.

I have been working on beehives since Sunday. I've had a lot of time to think while working, and one person I've been thinking a lot about is this lady. Please go to her blog and wish her well. She is having surgery today for lymphoma. I'd love to see her blog get 100 comments! Surely if we can leave a person over 400 comments on a yarn decision, we can leave Feral Woman 100 for lymphoma, can't we?

Ok, so back to the bees. They are not happy campers this time of year. They know winter is coming, and I've been getting their hives ready. Reducing the size of their entrance, making sure they have enough food, and taking off extra supers full of honey that they won't need. They get mad when I do this. They think they need all this honey, they don't. I had one bee that refused to leave me alone on Tuesday evening, even an hour after taking the super off the hive. She found me on the front porch and, I had to leave the premises! My Shug said when I left they left him alone!

I've done posts before about extracting. It's a lot of hot, heavy, hard work. And when I put the honey in quart jars, which has been the request of a few people, I have a lot of time to wait for the honey to drip. First from the extractor into the bucket with filters. Three to be exact.

Then from the filters into the bucket, to be bottled.

So last night while I sat and waited for the honey to drip, I crocheted. I think I'll finish my yarn bag soon. And it will have a name change, as I've changed the pattern a bit!

But I'll have to show you that another time because I promised pics of Brown Co.
Ok this isn't Brown Co, this is my 'sailing' loot that I got while in Brown Co. I talked my Shug into stopping at a few.

And these pictures are in no particular order because I don't have time to mess with rearranging them! I have a dentist appt. this morning. So this is what the stores look like in Nashville, IN. Fun huh?

A lot of the homes are log cabins, some of them get rented out for people who take vacations in Brown Co. I don't know if this van was a "home" or the air conditioning went out in it, but I had to get a pic!

Story, IN is a small town. Well, it's not really even a town, it's a building and a garden and they call it a town! The building is an Inn, and a restaurant. We've been to Story before, but I wanted to go back and get a pic of the garden. I'm thinking I might want to put in a raised bed garden like theirs, rather than rows....I just can't decide.

During the month of October in Brown Co, they have off road studio tours. So we took off in the hills and hollers. I wanted to visit a weaving studio that I've been to before. You see, Brown Co., was and still is an Artist Colony. Sure, some of the stores in Nashville have changed to sell junk, but there are still a lot of pottery, painting, weaving, spinning, leather goods etc. stores there.

We went hiking in the state park. Some locals said it was peak weekend. That is a big deal in Brown Co. If you go at just the right time you will see the dressed in oranges, reds, browns, greens, yellows.

Look at all of the initials carved on this tree. I wonder what happened to those people. Are TS and SS still together? Does JD still "heart" JW? What about Sheila...can you still call her for a good time? (OK kidding about Sheila...I didn't see that on the tree!)

We always have to go through the covered bridge in Bean Blossom.

We go on this trip to Brown Co every year. We stay in a rustic cabin in the state park. This is right outside our cabin door.

This yarn is on the porch rail of our cabin!

What the????? Yarn! Yup it's yarn. Sheep Street Fibers is in Morgantown. They even have their own sheep. If you go to Brown County, and you like to knit, crochet, spin or weave, you might as well stop at SSF in Morgantown. It's only about half an hour from B.C. They sell weaving looms, spinning wheels, fiber, and yarn. I bought the skein above because I thought it would make a neat granny square scarf, and I bought the skeins below because they are the same cotton that I'm using for my new yarn bag.

This stone marker was made in the 1800's as a mile marker to the next town. They found this one a few years ago, but they can't find the other one. Probably buried or in someones basement.

And that's the end of our trip. We headed to Columbus, like the stonehead told us to, and came home.

Cindy Bee

PS - I have messed and messed with this post. Trying to get the extra lines out so you don't have to scroll forever to the next picture and trying to get the words under the pics like I used to do. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open. Have fun trying to guess what words go with what pics because I'm having one of those weeks. I'm done!


  1. Fun! I love Brown County, haven't been in years though so at least I can live vicariously through your photos. Would you believe I ate that whole bottle of honey with a spoon over the course of a few days while browsing blogs?? Idk if that's a good thing or bad thing to eat that much honey. In my adult years I've only ever had the cheap stuff from the grocery store. It reminded me of the honey we bought from a beekeeper when I was little so I just ate the whole darn thing!

  2. Cindy,
    Brown County looks beautiful...rustic...alittle old fashioned. I like it! It was worth scrolling.

    I hope the honey comes out just the way you like it.

    The colors in the yarn are so warm and comforting.

    I hope the dentist went well.......yikes.

  3. That honey look so good Cindy and Brown County too! I known what you mean with it hard to write shorter blogs...I am the same way too.:)
    Love seeing the fall color.


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