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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crocheted yarn bag

Mysterious blogger with weathered leather satchel strikes again! Do you know where I am? not my home. I would not be this relaxed.

And I am relaxed. I've taken a small Holiday (say in English accent!) And I've been crocheting, shopping, went to a weaving studio, a scrapbook store, a coffee shop, and a winery. And I am not making a cushion, or a pillow, or a doily, or a poncho? (wth! a poncho? lol!) BUT those are all good guesses and now that I think about it....a poncho would be cute for one of those American girl dolls my nieces have. hmmm....might be a nice Christmas present. And a mat for my table would be nice. And I was thinking I could even take this pattern and make a cover for my footstool I bought this past summer. Do you call them footstool or hassock? I never know. And where did that word come from? hassock? Anyway this is a very versatile pattern and I love it and I'm glad I'm learning it because I'm having so much fun I might make all of the above. But right now, I am making the crochet yarn bag on Attic 24's blogspot. She has a tutorial posted for it and I've been wanting to make it ever since I saw it on her blog. I'm doing it! I am not a great crocheter but I'm learning.
Tomorrow: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Weird saying, I know. But I've been a big winner lately and I've gotta tell you about it.

Cindy Bee


  1. Ooh yes, I want to make that bag as well!! What yarn are you using?

    I've never heard of the word hassock - I use footstool.

    Enjoy your holiday (with an Australian accent)!

  2. That is a lovely bag pattern, Cindy ... I hopped over to Lucy's blog to have a look. Have fun finishing it off!

  3. I started Lucy's bag a long time ago, hit a snag and put it up. I found it recently and was going to frog it but put it back for another time. It was probably operator error so that's why I put it away. I still intend to frog it because the colors aren't working for me either. :o( Happy Friday Cindy!

  4. hope you have fun and take lots of pics i hope to make it to that spot in a week it's so relaxing and beautiful there i'm a little jealous!!!
    love the crochet (i still need to learn). have fun!!!
    p.s. i want a cabin there...

  5. Hi Fiona,

    So far I'm really enjoying it. I loev that it changes colors alot. So like A24.

    Get that bag back out and finish it. YOu will love it. I can't wait to finish mine. You probably hit a snag because it was too easy for you. You are a much more advanced crocheter than that bag pattern.


    Make reservations now for next year. We already have ours for 2012. I'm not kidding. Unless you can go during the week. We are staying in a cabin.

    Cindy Bee

  6. Just got back from my break a couple of days ago. Going to post about it soon. I will have to check out the bag tutorial, looks fun. I bought a Mollie Makes magazine to take on the plane, I saw your copy in the picture. I bought it at Barnes and Noble along with a couple of books and another magazine and did not pay any attention to how much I was paying. My friend pointed it out on the plane. Wish it had a few less adds and more projects.

  7. Where ever the mysterious b(ee)logger is looks great! Have a great time! Where in the world will Cindy Bee be next?

  8. She'll be home, Cake Chick (sigh)

    Brenda, I agree with you...too many ads in this issue.

    Cindy Bee


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