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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lots of Crocheting fun!

I knitted my dogs a scarf. A fallish looking scarf. I am going to embrace the seasons this year, and my dogs are going along for the ride, willingly or not. Dixie Doodle aka Winn Dixie aka Dixie (who is a boy but my nieces named him) would not hold still for 2 seconds for a pic. This is the best pic out of about 25. He has two speeds. 100 mph or sleeping. That's it.

And Winston, LOVED his scarf. He would not let me take it off. He kept backing away from me when I tried to take it off of him! Funny. Actually, it's the same scarf in the pictures. It was too big for Dixie so I made him another one. I knitted them because I'm a whole lot faster at knitting than crocheting, but.........

I'm having a blast crocheting! I made this star yesterday during Crochet Council. LOVE IT! I love how you can find things on blogs. You see, I am a follower of The Royal Sisters, but lately I have not had much time to follow blogs. So I've just been looking at the blogs that leave comments. Well, Handmade by Fiona left a comment, so I went to her blog. She mentioned that we should go to THIS POST so I did. On that post I found gemmipop designs
who was making trees and stars, and she got the pattern from The Royal Sisters blog.

And would you have a look at this...I made a tree too! The tree is very similar to a pattern I found in a magazine last year that I made, and of course cannot find on my blog so I won't show you, but anyway....I'm making these.

And would you look at this? My friend Erin taught me this stitch yesterday. Remember that yarn my friend bought me a few weeks ago at a garage sale? Well...I am using it to make scarves for my nieces for Christmas, and I'm going to make matching ones for their American Girl Dolls. They don't read my blog so I'm fairly safe posting this. And do notice the crochet hook. I've been messing around with polymer clay for a couple of months(sculpey, fimo) and I decided yesterday if I can make a star, learn a stitch, make scarves for the dogs, then by golly I'm gonna make this crochet handle. I did it. I LOVE IT.

And you heard it here first folks, I AM MAKING CHRISTMAS PRESENTS THIS YEAR. MAYBE ALL OF THEM! I say it every year, well this year I'm doing it. And Sister, I promise I will not give you another scarf. Promise. promise...

It's been cold and rainy here which is why I've had a little extra time to crochet. Tomorrow...back to work on the house, it's supposed to be sunny out.


Cindy Bee


  1. Bee.......I am really loving those Christmas ornaments.

  2. Love the Christmas decorations, Cindy. I'm trying to find my snowflake pattern as I want to crochet some more of those this year to attach to wrapped presents( that way everyone has a little decoration to hand on their tree too) but I've no idea where I put it!!

    I'm just making 3 Christmas presents this year - my family has 2 years of completely handmade Christmases from me and I think the men in our family have got enough scarves now! One present finished and one underway ... I'm getting there!!

  3. Cindy Bee,
    Your pups are adorable with their fancy new scarves! The Star and tree are so darn cute. And I LOVE the idea of scarves for your nieces and American dolls....that's an awesome idea!

    You've been very busy and productive! Doesn't it feel great!


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