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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The planets need aligned!

I think last weeks shenanigans might have had something to do with the moon. Did you see it? It was VERY full and bright. All I know is something was out of alignment with the universe, because I wasn't the only person out of character last week. On Friday, I got a phone Dad had to be put in the hospital for his heart. "Nothing serious," Mom says, "just some tests." Apparently he was dizzy and "kind of buckled at the knees", went to the Doc, and his EKG showed a discrepancy from the last one. Well, the next day, around 2:30, Dad told me he was leaving at 4:00...with or without permission, and Mom says to bring him a cup of coffee! "What?" I said, "I think I'll stick around and watch." The person I know as Dad would never take off his heart monitor and i.v. and leave a hospital without permission. And breaking the no coffee rule on the cardiology floor? hmmm...

So, at 3:30 he told Mom to go tell the nurse that he is getting dressed to leave. Mom told him if he wants a nurse, he can push that button and get one. He did! OMG! I immediately pull out my phone and started texting my nurse friends, and sister. The nurse came, he told her he was leaving by 4:00 with or without permission. They somewhat jokingly chatted and a few minutes later she came back with a higher ranking nurse. Dad explained to her that she cannot keep him there against his will, as that would be kidnapping! The other nurse explained this is why they go out and drink margaritas. I requested that I go with them! A little later the Doc came in, and they chatted. Dad even told the doc that as far as he knows they are looking in the wrong spot. "Maybe you should be looking here (pointing to his head) instead of here (pointing to his heart)." A few minutes later, Dad was released. He said he's 75 years old and it's about time he took control of his life!

On another "Lucy yarn bag" that I've been making is almost done. I am changing the name to LuCindy yarn bag, as I have changed the pattern a bit. I hope to show it to you later on today. My Shug says it looks like something I would take to Jamaica. Hmmm, not a bad idea... I am finding I really enjoy crocheting. I'm making flowers right now. (snicker)

Cindy Bee


  1. Interesting to see it's not just here that has been out of whack! Didn't realize it was a full moon. Seems as good an explanation as any.

  2. Hope this week goes better Cindy. And that your Dad is OK.

    Mine week started well and has gone downhill fast today - I have a vomiting dog. Every time I think she's done and I've finished cleaning up, she starts over on another rug. What's wrong with being sick on the tiles rather? Wish I could explain it to her!!

  3. Hope your dad is much better! I can understand his frustration.

    I'm glad you're enjoying crocheting. It helps my mental state immensely! :o)

  4. Good to know why the world has started spinning out of control!LOL! Hope that your dad is feeling better.Hugs,Jen


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