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Sunday, October 16, 2011

My week in review...

Besides extracting about 100 pounds of honey, give or take...

and working on my yarn bag (because I've needed something to do since I keep waking up around 3:00 a.m. every day)

shopping for yarn....

this is how my week went down.

Last Sunday, I went to the grocery store and after waiting... and waiting... and waiting... in line, behind one person, they opened another lane. The cashier said, "I'll take the NEXT PERSON in line." The last person with a cart full of groceries must have misunderstood. He must have thought the cashier said I'll take the LAST person in line. So I casually excused myself from the people in front of me (who were buying soda and junk food with food stamps) and went to the cashier who wanted the next person in line. I explained to the man what she meant, put my measly 10 veggie packets for $10.00 on the conveyor belt, in front of his food. What? You know you've wanted to do that. I also told the cashier I realize it isn't her fault, but it really pisses me off when people buy soda and junk food with food stamps.

Monday I took Dixie to the vet, in a town 20 or so minutes away. I locked my keys in my car. At one point I was on my back with my cell phone on speaker, listening to my Shug as he guided my claustrophobic self under the car, while I held Dixie's leash with one hand, and searched for a spare key with the other. There was supposed to be one of those magnetic key holder things under the car, holding a spare key. The magnet was there, the box was not.

After placing 12 phone calls, ten to my parents, my Dad finally answered and said he'd come and get me. He did. I went and got a car key off of my shug's key ring and Dad took me ( and Dixie) all the way back to the little town to get my car. I then realized I had no house key on that key ring. I gave it to my friend to let the dogs out while we were gone. I got in after 1:00, from a 9:30 appt. And it is only Monday. My Mom could not stop laughing that her cell phone was in the trunk of her car when I called her six times. She was in a meeting and put her purse in the trunk with her phone. Who does that?

On Tuesday my parents needed a sub for their card game. Six handed euchre. I suck at cards. We won two out of about ten games. Or I could say we lost 8 out of about ten games. I also realized on Tuesday, that I messed up my front tooth. Got an appt for Thursday to get it fixed. (no big deal he just smoothed it out with some grinding tool that smells hot and sounds awful) Apparently I should not be eating caramel apples with some bonding thing I have on my front tooth. He said I need to cut them up. Like I'm going to walk around Brown County with a knife cutting up my caramel apple.

When I was getting ready to leave Thursday morning, I noticed my rubber mouth piece on the floor. The one I wear because I grind my teeth when I sleep. Dixie chewed it up. If I were to check his poop, just that morning, I would have found a leaf, slipper stuffing, and rubber mouth piece. What is his deal?

On Thursday night, My Shug thought I seemed a bit tense. Really? When he mentioned the pile at the top of the stairs needing to go into the basement I picked it up and heaved it into the basement. What? You've never heaved anything? Well, admit it. You've wanted to. I also yelled..."WHAT? YOU WANT THIS IN THE BASEMENT? WELL. HERE. YOU. GOOOO....IT'S IN THE BASEMENT" I threw a laundry basket and an empty box in the basement! I started to throw another box but it had two bottles of wine in it! Not to worry, we talked it out that night. That wasn't the only thing that happened, that was just the last straw. A peri-menopausal woman can only and will only take so much in one week. Do not push her buttons.

On Friday, I went with Reality Jayne to a yarn store that is going out of business. I have not laughed so hard in a long time. Click here to read about it. And on Saturday, my Shug and I stayed home and worked together around the house!

The good news is, this week is starting out better!

So if you've wondered where I've been, I hope to visit your blogs soon. It's been one of those weeks.

Cindy Bee


  1. Hope this week goes much better for you Cindy!

  2. Well your week sounded just a emotional roller coaster just like mine. True stay away from a menopausal women. B

  3. Cindy Bee,
    I hope your week is a piece of cake this week. What craziness you had last week. I'm glad your friends lifted you up!

  4. BTW your little honey bears are the cutest.

  5. Oh man, I hate weeks like that. Those mouth pieces are middle daughter needs one badly and she does not have insurance. Just told her to make an appointment and we would figure it out. I spent a ton of money on all of my daughters teeth when they were kids, so I do not want to know that they are wearing their beautiful teeth down to nubs. The bag is looking great!


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