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Sunday, October 23, 2011


I bought this piece of luggage at a garage sale this summer. My plan was to store my nice wool pieces in it. But I could never get it to open without taking a pair of channel locks to it. I would take them and squeeze until it would open. I asked my Shug to work on it for me. He didn't need to.

Apparently, I just needed an education in opening old luggage. You simply put your thumb on the inside of the lock, and push. It opens...easily. Very easily.

However, it has an odor. It's that musty moth-bally type odor. I've washed it completely out and left it open, outside for a few days. I put a box of baking soda in it, and that little fish is a lavender sachet. So far, it still has an odor.

Any ideas?

Cindy Bee


  1. I hate the smell of moth balls. I inherited a beautiful quilt that Scott's grandmother made years ago and it still smells. What about closing it up with a bowl of vinegar. I hear vinegar is great for attracting the smells.

    Try the new interface, but stay away from those Dynamic Themes for now. The rest it easy. Still playing with it here however. Hope all is well with you. Love your list of US to UK, here's one.....Fag=Cigarette. I don't know how I know that but I do.

  2. Hi cindy trywashing it with a mixture of oxy clean, baking soda and selzer water. if all fails try vinegar.....
    hope that helps. I purchased an old hat box that had a funk to it and I keep a sachet in it all the time to cover the smell.

  3. Cindy, this is Sandy from Granny Bees. I have heard that newspapers will absorb the smells. Wouldn't hurt to try. Good luck

  4. I always use my steam cleaner to get rid of unpleasant smells in any textiles - works a treat. Especially useful when you've been to the pub and come back smelling of smoke (ugh!)

    Re. fag = cigarette (comment above). Fag is slang for cigarette in British English but cigarette is the proper word! Wasn't sure if The Garden Bell was suggesting that fag was the US or UK term?!

  5. Hi Be.....I wonder what was in that suitcase???

  6. Cindy Bee,
    That is quite the suitcase find! I remember my family having one just like it and even looking at it I can remember the smell. Thanks for the memory, bc I'm thinking it was my grandmothers.

    I've hear charcoal also soaks up the stinky smells. I'm not sure I would put anything of value in it

    Oh yeah..... for your English conversions .Ocean = Sea....College = University.

    How's your new house coming along?


  7. Thanks for all of the tips. I threw a newspaper in the suitcase immediately after reading these comments. I have already tried the charcoal trick. It didn't work. I'll try vinegar next.

    Those English/American conversions. Ummm, I'm Pretty sure Garden Bell didn't mean fag to be the American slang Fiona. Fag in American slang is a gay person. Not gay as in happy, which is another American slang word. Gay as in homosexual. When you call someone a fag, you are not calling them a cigarette! No wonder our world has communication problems!

    RJ - Who knows....probably dirty underwear, wool sweaters, and mothballs!

    Cindy Bee

  8. I love it oh yes the moth ball thing. I have no idea I have left things luggage include in the sun for literally weeks with no luck. I will be reading your comments to see what others do. Old crumpled newspaper left in it works but it eventually comes back a very stubborn odour indeed. B

  9. I lucked into a beautiful Penguin ice bucket thatt had the fowlest smell. I tried coal but it didnt work, I tried vinegar & it didnt work either, finally I did a different kind of charcoal (I think I must have tried the self start type first.. anyway the old fashion charcoal briskets did eliminate the odors when I tried them again. I even use the ice bucket now!


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