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Saturday, October 29, 2011

How did the Walton's do it?

We went on a hayride, visited a farmer, fed some cows, and played with the chickens. We walked through the woods on a hiking trail.

Winston got in the cow pen and got very muddy.

We had a bonfire, ate smores, did crafty stuff, and are now watching Little Women.

It looks like fun and games....but one of them left the gate open and the dogs got out. Why she was messing with the gate is beyond me. I sent her outside to brush the straw out of her hair, not to open the gate. One of them has pooped her pants three times. As she pointed her finger in my face, she informed me that she is not telling her Mom and I better not either! She also refuses to call me Cindy. She is calling me Mrs. Kelsey. No one even knows a Mrs. Kelsey. Two of them stuffed the last of the dessert in their face so they wouldn't have to share it. One of them got mad at me because I wouldn't do more crafts. It was 9:30! One of them won't stop talking during the movie, at all. Will. Not. Stop. Talking.

I hope we are making memories and I'm not just griping all the time. How did Mrs. Walton do it?

Cindy Bee


  1. Sounds like a weekend with our grands. Enough is never enough. You'll sleep good though. That was a lot of mud, did you have to scrap it off?

  2. Wow - sounds like hard work!!

  3. haha...Aunts have it tough....because are not used to 24 hour entertaining. Kids today need lots of activity....which you did!

    How did you manage with all the noise? That always gets me....

  4. Oh I so remember these days the laughter the tired lady. They had a ball and so did you even if you are tired. Night John-boy. B

  5. MEMORIES ~~ MEMORIES~~ THAT WHAT THEY ARE! Sure all was enjoyed:::the kids couldn't ask for a better MEMORY
    keep up the good work
    the cuz

  6. Mrs. Walton, hell how did our mother do it??
    I can't even do it with one kid :( Which is why I call Aunt Cindy :)

  7. Mom had Aunt Cindy too! Only I was the daughter/babysitter/sister. So see, the oldest always helps.
    You are doing a fine job sister.
    Cindy Bee


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