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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

LuCindy Yarn Bag DONE!

My LuCindy bag is done! As you recall I called it the Lucy Yarn Bag because I got the pattern from Lucy's blog, Attic 24. Then as I was crocheting it, I was afraid it was too big. I used a different yarn and a bigger hook. I used an F or 5. I was afraid it was going to be too big, so I asked your opinion.

Everyone, including Lucy, said to go with it. So I did. But when I started getting closer to the top I thought the opening was going to be way too big and yarn would fall out of it. So I altered the pattern, henceforth, LuCindy yarn bag.

What I did was this... on the red stripe, the one with aqua below it and pink above it, I started decreasing. I crocheted three stitches together, one time. Then the next row up, I decreased twice. Next row up, decreased three times. I did this nine times, for nine rows, then just went back to double crocheting the last two rows.

and these flowers....I can't stop making them!

I'm shocked at how much yarn the bag holds. It actually holds all of the yarn and the afghan for the ripple afghan I started about a year ago. The problem is I'm afraid it's going to rip the bag as it's so heavy. Might not be a good bag for huge cotton yarn projects!

But wouldn't it be a very cool beach bag. Or smaller for a purse? I love it.

And I really want to start a new afghan with the yarn I bought last week, but I refuse. I am finishing this ripple afghan, and my granny square afghan, before I start another one.

But that doesn't mean I'm not going to do little projects here and there! I love quick little projects. And those

Cindy Bee


  1. Looks like a great yarn bag to me! Got me thinking whether I need one ... but I've got a few other projects to finish first!!

  2. Looks fabulous. You did a wonderful job coming up with a lastminute pattern change.

  3. Spectacular Cindy! At least if it holds the afghan you'll have it all contained in one place. :o) I love it. Doesn't it feel good to get a project done? I should feel out of this world when I get all of mine done! lol xoxo

    Hey...thanks for asking about Johnny. He's hanging in there. He's on the registry and waiting for a match. And sad to say that Shane is STILL missing. sigh......

  4. Love it! I think you did a great job getting it the shape you wanted.

  5. Cindy,
    I like that you named your bag...that's so cool. Looks good and holds alot of stuff. I agree, finishing some projects before starting new ones. BUT I do love those cute flowers!

    How is your dad doing today?

  6. I love, love love love the flowers!! So cute! I also love the colors of the ripple afghan. I was in Michael's last night and I almost bought some yarn, I haven't crocheted in about 20 years. Maybe this winter. You are inspiring me.

  7. That's a gorgeous bag Cindy! I left a comment for you on my blog, but here it is just in case you didn't see it -
    I'm using "Twilight" yarn for my stars, it doesn't have a specific make on it. I haven't stiffened them, they're pretty firm, but I've been thinking about it, and my thoughts would be to either try using a smaller hook, or use double thickness of yarn, that might help! Hope that's useful!x

  8. It looks lovely Cindy, very yummy colours and I think the new shape with the slight decrease at the top is genius!
    Now on with the blankets girl!!

  9. I love your Dog scarfs. Too cute!


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