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Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Mother will be proud...

Well I don't have stock in this company or get commission for their sales, but I believe in making housework as quick as possible, so we can have more time for family and fun. I bought this sweeper a couple of weeks ago, and love it. I was actually going to invent it! But when I went to our local sweeper store and asked the lady, "Do you have anything small that I can carry around yet it has all the attachments of a regular sized sweeper?" She said yes, so it has already been invented. Dangit, I could have been rich!

It weighs less than my purse! Four pounds, and it comes with a strap so you wear it over your shoulder. And it has all of the attachments that a regular sweeper has.

It has more comes with a packet of small attachments to clean out the sewing machine and computer keyboard too. I haven't opened that yet.

It costs about $120.00. The only bad thing about it that I can see so far is, of course, the sweeper bag is very small. But it's great for sweeping up dog hair and getting cob webs, ceiling fans, and those unreachable corners.

Cindy Bee


  1. Nice I love that it's so portable. You are so busy this will really speed things up for you.

  2. Now THAT is a good idea! I'm so sick of hauling my big vac around up and down all these stairs.

  3. Looks like a good find.

    I saw a blog recently where the woman was doing one cleaning chore a day (because she hates cleaning she's doing it in small bits),

    I like the fan this gadget cleans the ceiling fans...that's an annoying chore.

    Good find.


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