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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Language Lesson

Fiona says the English call a faucet, a tap. I woke up last night thinking.....when we go to a bar or a pub, we don't say, "what do you have on faucet?" We say, "What do you have on tap?" So why do we call it a faucet, and not a tap?

Cindy Bee


  1. i have no idea but that is curious.. but my parents used to say" what about the tap" when my sibblings and i would complain about no more bottled waters in the house....

  2. maybe because, when the bar tender TAPS the frosty mug spillith over...hehe
    Or, it could be, because the pub originally comes from the English and thats what its always been called.. Americans dont think too hard about much, Bee. We are just trained apes, afterall

  3. hahah REality Jane, just may be right! LOL

    I don't know bc we've always said faucet. Good figure.

    Another word to add is petrol for gas. My mom used to say that. And we LOVE saying "I'm simply Gumsmacked" instead of crack me up or I don't believe it.

    Don't we love the English!

  4. I've always wondered about different words in our language and those the 'English' of England use.


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