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Thursday, August 18, 2011


I'm a WINNER! Check this out. I won one of those little grapevine trees from Blogger Beth Notaro, The Granny Bee. Cool for me huh? Now Beth we are gonna have to meet for coffee or lunch or something....

And, speaking of bloggers, and meeting...I don't think I mentioned a week or so ago, Reality Jayne and I met janis, from Just Breathe Janis, at this cute little coffee house in Noblesville, IN. When we got there I told RJ I would buy her coffee/donut because she drove. She insisted I not, and I insisted it's fine, "I have an account here." "WHAT? You have an account in an out of town coffee house?" well, yeeah, doesn't everyone? {sigh} I had to prove it to her. (Thanks Billie ;-) for the gift card)

And that janis...what a sweetie. We knew it was her because she had a white shirt on. She knew it was me because I told her I'd carry this bag, she knew it was RJ because...well, there was only two of us, and RJ was the other person she was meeting. So the coffee shop was nice, janis was nice, well, except for the time I got this 'look' from her when RJ told her that Cindy Bee is one of those "green people". "Yeah, she recycles," she said. Like I was a bad person. Well here's the truth peeps. I'm coming clean. I have not been recycling. There, I said it. I want to, I will again someday, but right now, well let's just say we didn't even get the trash to the curb Sunday night. But anyway, it was fun taking a break, meeting janis, and going out for coffee. Now I want to go see the movie "The Help." Has anyone seen it? Is it any good? I read the book and loved it.

Cindy Bee


  1. That tree will nice on your new entry way....when you get it done.

  2. It is just too much fun, meeting fellow bloggers!
    It is so amazing to me, how many wonderful women I have met through this blog.
    Paint is just tuff and blue is really hard to work with... I put it in my living room and tried a dozen samples before I came to one that would work and then I toned it down with bees wax (I thought you would like that)

  3. P.S. When I read the header of your post without my glasses... I thought it said, "I Am Wiener!"

  4. Hey "Wiener"! Congrats. I call you that with a giggle. {Damn I really wanted to win it!} oh well! Ive had a turn or two winning Blog Treasures!
    OMGosh coffee with you both was truly grand. Im so glad you were just the way I imagined and not some faker weirdos. We MUST do it again! & with Scribe this next time.
    Im exhausted from a very long week. Trying to get use to the job, the hours, the shift... My signing is improved a good 70% now.
    Today I vegged, trying to catch up on a weeks worth of blog reading, then some Pinterest and if time tonight I need to post. It's been over a week! I wonder if I am missed? Ha Ha!
    "The Help", BTW, was excellent! Followed the book very well, with just a couple tiny changes. It is a long movie! My daughter & I enjoyed it very much. The younger daughter is reading the book first (Emily & I already had). Have you read it? It is CHARMING! Really loved it, and the actors did a wonderful job portraying the characters. Go see it! Make Mandy & Erin go with you!

  5. I love your recycle confession...sometimes for me it is just too hard to make it to the other trash can. :) Congrats on the big win. xoxo

  6. How wonderful that you won. I love those trees! I am going to pick that book up soon. Hubs does not go to the movies and all my buddies live to far away to just meet for movies, because you cannot talk and catch up. So I will read the book and watch the movie on Netflex when it comes out with the hub.

  7. That is so cool that you got to meet blogger friends that would be so exciting. Congrats. B


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