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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crocheted afghan

Last year I started my very first crocheted afghan by following Lucy from Attic 24 using her ripple stitch pattern. I decided I would use yarn I already had, and I had a lot of cotton. I had this brilliant idea to make a bunch of dishcloths and towels for friends, family and myself, and it never happened. So, I started hooking, lots of bright colors, and I was going to do the border in the three different shades of blueish/turquoish/aquaish. I did two borders, but didn't have enough to do the darkest shade.

I decided not to sweat it. I figured I'd come across the color some day, and in the meantime I'd use the blanket.

Well guess what folks...I came across it. And now I know the picot stitch so I'm thinking I'll finish this blankey up for once and for all.

Cindy Bee

PS - Now I only have three afghans in progress. Geeeesh. Anyone else finishing up afghans?


  1. Just finished mine the other day!!!!

  2. Working on number 4 grand childs afghan for his birthday which is tomorrow. They are going north for the weekend I think I will be able to deliver it on Monday, finished. I still love this one you did. I did not even know it is not finished. I'll post the one I am working on.

  3. No afghans in the works for me ,wish I knew how to crochet.Love how bright and cheerful your blanket turned out.Hugs,Jen

  4. ohhhhhhh la la! I like your rainbow afghan! :)

  5. I followed you here from another blog where you commented one of your dogs gets treats "for breathing." That cracked me up. We've had dogs like that before, too. Now we have two cats.

    Not working on any afghans at present. Too bloody hot. I like to work on enormous ones in the wintertime, with the work spread out on my lap. With, of course, the two cats ...


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