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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Throwin' out the welcome mat!

Whilst I'm busy minding my own business, entertaining my cousin from TEXAS, who is staying with me for a couple of weeks, introducing her to the blog world, there are some bloggers discussing the 'uniqueness' of residents from the "Looney Tune Lone Star State!" Gasp this the way us Hickville Hoosiers roll out the welcome mat! Come awn y'all be niiice.....

And speaking of throwing out, er, I mean rolling out the welcome mat....and meeting new bloggers and such....let me just say....some lil' Happy Rosey blogger, blogging about vintage campers, unknowingly started a little brou ha ha. Seems she got RJ all riled up about this camper idea again. Now RJ is blaming my Shug for crushing her dreams! And putting it out there for all to read....My poor Shug! And this cake chick lady, who I have barely met by the way, is staging a sit in...on our property!!! Read RJ's comments! LAW people! (Spam-per Debbie M? too funny My Shug loves SPAM)

While y'all are sitting back enjoying these pics of our "camper heaven" (via my blog mind you)

my cousin's taking me out to show me how TEXANS pro-tect their pro-per-tee...

right after we dig out the cowboy boots, get our hair poofed, and drink some beer! She says to tell y'all this ain't her first rodeo, ya know!

oh yeah- speaking of footwear and such, should I keep these shoes? I can't decide. I've been wearing mostly Keen's because they feel good on my feet. And these are Keens...

and what about the hose??? should I keep them too? (snicker snicker)

Cindy Bee


  1. Cindy, I love your shoes, and yes definitely keep the hose.:) :) :) Thanks for the laugh, it was delightful to see your photos and I love your wit. I wonder if I could wear Keens, I have planter ficiatis (sp). I need some comfortable shoes--besides my exercise ones.
    I hope this is a wonderful day to you.

    I like your graphics on your site too.

  2. Uh....poofed hair is Jersey Shore...Texas hair is blond, thick, and teased....sometimes put into braids ....or....pageant curls....
    The shoes?....not bad....The hose?
    BUT...i did hear that Kate Middleton is bringing back the sheer hose look....just sayin

  3. Cindy Bee, I didn't mean to put the proverbial 'bee in your bonnet'. (Can you fit that bonnet on your head with that big poof of TX hair you report to be sporting now?)

    Really I'm not trying to cause trouble...I just can't help myself sometimes. I wasn't going to organize the camp in, I just suggested it...oops did I do that. I am from Massachusetts and sometimes people from other states call us Massholes. You have carte blanche to call me a Masshole anytime you want if that will make up for planting the idea of a 'camp in' in RJ's head(though if there is a 'camp in' I am totally showing up with my tent) :)

  4. Omg get rid of the hose!!! ;D btw love happy loves Rosie!!! And yes I want a camper too.

  5. Me and Leo's jumpin on the bike with my 3 room tent! Would that be ok??? lol j/k

    Love the shoes, they're definitely keepers!

    I love the 'Massholes' comment......too funny, I'd never heard that before!xoxoxo

  6. Texas Deer Lady has now joined you bloggers. Thanks to you cuz for showing me the way. Now when you talk about Texas I can actually join in.

  7. Texas Deer Lady, welcome to the madness!

  8. oh......hi Dear Lady.....What the hecks going on down there?


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