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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Mish-Mash of Stuff

More on this later....maybe tomorrow.....Can you guess what it is?

And thanks to my favorite brother-in-law for stopping by yesterday with these!!! YUM! Thanks Trent!

I bought this bag yesterday! I know.......My name is Cindy Bee and I am a bag-aholic (Hiiii Cindy)
{you know you want it....17 bills on clearance.....Hey, do you all know what I mean when I say "17 bills?"...just wondering...)

So, last night at Granny Bees, Jan was making these ornaments. 27 of them. She always makes ornaments for every family member. 27 I said...and I asked her if I could have the pattern. She told me what book she got it from and I said, "I HAVE THAT BOOK! I just haven't had time to look at it yet"

LOOOOOOVE this book

and LOOOOVE these mags....these are two of my favorite mags. They are UK publications! I'm trying to learn their language you know.....(see upper right hand corner and help out if you can - all you Fionas.....have you ever noticed they have a lot of Fionas ;-) we have a lot of Cindy's)

Some pics inside these mags....

And this is my blanket I'm trying to kind of a border should I put on it?

Cindy Bee

PS - My friends who witnessed the murder are "hanging in there, trying to be normal." (but feeling a lot of guilt over the what if's)

PSS - Pray for North Carolina. They are evacuating - Hurricane Irene is raising hell.


  1. Cindy, if you ever need any help with British English, let me know. And yes, my name is Fiona (and I'm an English teacher too!). There are so many different words for things - the one that kept tripping me up when I lived in Canada was faucet ... it's just a tap to us. But asking my landlord to fix the bathroom tap resulted in .... nothing ... as he didn't understand, or tell me that I was talking double dutch! Going to the DIY store (home centre) was always a nightmare too.
    P.S. it's trolley!!

  2. Bee...I think the picture is Bees invading a shop vac
    Love the bag....and the mag
    Still feeling sad for V.

  3. yes, looks like you got yourself some bees in that there shop vac.

    I have been thinking about the horrible tragedy involving your friends. I am the mother of a boy scout and cub scout and I run our local cub scout pack. The thought of what happened is just incomprehensible. They are in my thought and prayers.

  4. Hi Cindy Bee,
    I agree with the ladies...bees in your shop vac.

    Do you make Christmas gifts for your family/friends? I usually make calendars from the previous years thru Shutterfly but I consider that homemade. Heck I had to move all those pictures to their site. ;)

    Love, Love Love the afghan, reminds me of one my mom made. I'll have to think who among us has it.

    The magazine are beautiful. I speak east coast english and we say faucet...go figure ;)

    Yes Pray for North Carolina...because our beach house is in Ocean Isle NC. and of course we pray for your little buddy.....

    We are all buckled down here waiting for Irene. Patio furniture in, flag down, hound walked...we....wait......


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