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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Week in Review

I've tried to stop saying how busy I am because I know...everyone is busy. But this week has been exceptional. My Aunt Barb and cousin Susie from Texas came to town. Susie is staying with us, and we've had a lot of family stuff to attend, and when we aren't with family, she likes to shop at the Wal-Mart. I don't. So I've been trying to keep her busy!

So, on Friday night, July 29, when she arrived....we went to a BOSTON concert (Remember them? Mooore thaan a feeeeeling...) at a local park here in town. It was with two of the original members of the group including the lead singer, and it was great. However, I can only find a video, no pics (even though I took some) so I've downloaded this somewhat 70's bag that I feel I should buy in honor of BOSTON who is from the 70' me.

On Saturday I showed her how our wonderful town's license bureau operates. My Shug took his motorcycle to a bike show on Friday night at the concert. (Tied for third place by the way) Someone pointed out that his plates were expired. Well, we paid for the plates along with our other vehicles. When the 'stickers' for the other plates arrived, there was a note claiming that the bike plates would arrive under separate cover. Life for us got busy with the house, he never rode the bike this summer, we never got the plates, and forgot about them. So Saturday morning I went to the license bureau and explained. They gave me a form to take to the police department to report a theft. I said they were not stolen, our mail box is a slot in the house (they were probably never mailed) Doesn't matter. I went to the police dept., the policeman filled out a theft report and asked for my d.o.b., s.s.#, and phone. Really? You need all of this info? I think he was hot for me. Just sayin....and btw, he said, I'm sure they weren't stolen, the L.B. probably never mailed them out. Really? I'd have never guessed.

So when I went back to the license bureau, we were number in line number 116. Then I had to pay $10 bills to get the plates, the way...will be mailed. This was my first glimpse of how my cousin rolls, who I haven't seen in 30 years. She got mad and started to argue with the lady. I told her not to argue, I laid the 10 bills on the table, explained that this is typical of this place, and later told her I was prepared to bend over! I know...I don't usually talk this way...but then, some places can bring out the best in a person, and some places cannot. BTW, we got the plates in the mail yesterday and guess what folks...they expire next month. The lady at the first desk I had to go to said they'd expire in 2012. Don't even tell my cousin. She's learning her way around this town and she'll go down there and tell them off!

Saturday evening we (as in a bunch of family members) went out to eat at a local Italian restaurant. The last time I was at this restaurant my GLASS of wine was 9 bills. "Why?" I asked the waitress? It came from Italy. I'm serious, that's what she said. My response can go to Meijer and get wine from Italy. So, when my Brother in Law (the other red wine drinker in the fam) said "Cindy, Do you want to order a bottle of wine and share it", I immediately said yes. The bottle was 16.99 and it was huge.

My Brother in law and me.

Below is my very well polished husband.

drinking straight from the bottle. I asked the waitress one more time, just to be sure..."is this the 16.99 bottle?" It was. Look how big...and it was good!

Here we all are! That's my Aunt Barb on the right.

After dinner we all went to Mom & Dad's and visited for awhile. Then, Susie, Vickie and I went to a local bar and met up with my Sister and her friends, who were celebrating their birthdays.

This is my Sister's friend with her very special hand made birthday gift from me. No, I did not make the gift. I bought it at a garage sale, but someone made hand.

I got my Sister one just like it, only pink, but she was more excited about her wishnik pin and earrings.

Here we are....I look drunk but I wasn't. I only drank water. It was very warm in the bar.

In between running to Wal-Mart, license bureau, flea-markets,

reunions, the fabric store, and other places, I've been building bee hives and frames.

Lots of them....I'm way behind in beekeeping

and this is how they come in the mail.

On Thursday morning we went to Strawtown to a flea market.

What thuuuu???????????

I know her!

One of my dearest friends and her husband....unbelievable!

Notice how they displayed all their stuff...

on old ironing boards.

I knew our Moms would get bored and tired so I came prepared. I brought chairs and said they could go back to the car, sit in the chairs in the shade and wait! They did. Well, I told them they wouldn't like it before we left. And, besides when I was a kid we would leave when they were "darn good and ready" to leave!

So, we left and went to this cute store.

I didn't buy anything at the store, but at the flea market I bought this cigar box....

and these vintage patterns...

and this cigar box...

an these little Christmas ornaments for our little tree...

See how little they are...

and this box... (you can't really tell it but it has turquoise color on it and it's small)

and this bag, which was the deal of the day!!!!

and this religious relic.

Earlier this week we bought these cake pans and decided to make my sister donut b-day cakes for her birthday.

I made chocolate cake with vanilla pudding in the middle.

Susie made butter cake with chocolate icing.

They were both yummy.


Dad..seriously..give up...she is not listening.

Then we went to the "Italian evening" downtown and joined in on the wine tasting. What is it with Italian wine? I love it.

I also love this picture.

My cousin Susie on the left, Trent and Birthday girl Theresa on the right.

And this car...a Fiat 500C (I think) Anyway, I love it too.

Isn't it cute. It just looks like it has an Italian face on it.

oh yeah..that bag...well, it wasn't really the deal of the day. We went to a fabric/yarn store that day and I bought this book by Cath Kidston.......gotcha?!?!!

That was my week, except for the family reunion which will be posted later...How was your week?

Cindy Bee

PS - I will be getting back to all of you and your comments about the campground (last post) I'm going to bed now as this took forever to post.


  1. It turns out that I had a couple of friends out there that night! I think we just got there super late!

  2. Hahaha....ya got me on the bag....I was freakin

  3. the vintage apron patterns. Score. Sounds like you had a very busy week. The cakes are really cute also. Oh, I have that same book.

  4. I think you need to go back to the license bureau and give the sticker/plate back to them! That's bs for sure. We get stickers for our plates each year. I have three vehicles (car, truck and bike) so I get them all together. Do you have ad velorum on your vehicles? We get taxed on it's worth. I pay out the ying yang for my vehicles. Well the bike anyways. The car and truck are older now so they dropped down but still! FL didn't charge us this, GA does. HEY.....just have spam!!! See that guy just above me????????? holy moly!

  5. I am just laughing about your experiences. I was surprised that your city licensing is open on Saturday. So sorry about your experience.
    Thank you for telling me about Keen shoes, I will definitely look into them. And I need hiking shoes since I am now hiking 5 days a week up in our mountains.


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