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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Our company left yesterday.
It was a very bittersweet moment.
I told my them I was going to put my sunglasses on so they couldn't see me cry.
My cousin was ready to go home and I was ready to get life back to normal.
But I will miss her.
I will miss my Aunt.
And it certainly wasn't the same without my Uncle.

My parents (on the right) have/had several brothers and sisters.
Most of them had children. And we grew up playing with our cousins while our parents played cards or visited. So, as children, our family was our friends. And we still are friends. We're scattered all over, but we call, text, facebook, e-mail, and yes I admit, I still instant message.
It's nice to have a big family.
One that cares about each other.
When our Aunt Barb and Uncle Bud would come home from Texas, Mom's family would get together many times to visit.
They still do.
And even though we didn't attend every family function in the last two weeks, I'm still way behind in everything.
And I feel disconnected from real life.
And I don't know where to start.
And I'm a little restless, a little overwhelmed, and a little melancholy.
And I miss the "good old days."
When more family was around.
When we got together more. We still do things together, just not as much. People are busy with their own families now, as it should be.
Time changes things.....and people.
I'll get back in the swing of things...give me a day or two.
Here's the thing. I always say it's good to be sad over missing people or missing times in your life, because that means they were good people and good times.
And we're fortunate we have good times to look forward to.
To make more good miss!
So let's get on with it....
and I'll stop rambling on in this melancholy mood!

Cindy Bee


  1. I never knew family like that - we lived so far away that we used to go and visit every other year during the sumer holidays. It's worse now - my sister took her family to live in Australia and I haven't seen my 9 year-old niece since 2008. I envy you having that closeness with your family.

  2. Cindy,
    I know how you feel. We (my mom's family) used to meet at Nana's for Sunday breakfast after church. We were young...and at times it was boring to watch the black and white tv and just sit around and talk. But now, as adults, we really miss it.

    We now have 'circle dinners' every month. My brother and sisters that live in the area make a point to get together once a month for a dinner and chat. My dad and other brother live in different states so they don't make it. My mom is it's good to have a planned time. This month we are all going to Washington DC to see a Phillies game and museums. I'm so psyched!

    Family is super important. It's good to take a breath and realize just how much so.

    Enjoy your's good too.
    Take care

  3. Glad you had a nice visit...Hope your cousin comes blogging

  4. It seems like lots of us bloggers are all about memories of one kind or another and isn't that great? love memories especially the good ones...Have a wonderful monday...Hugs Birgit

  5. Cindy, So happy you had a nice visit! I'm from a large, extended family as well. LOVE it! But, you're right. We don't see each other like we used to...need to work on that!

  6. Thanks for all of your comments. I do feel blessed to have such a nice large family. One that speaks to each other. Jul - what a great meet up once a month. I think I will suggest it that we meet for dinner somewhere once a month. Those that can make it, do so. Those that can't, maybe next time.

    I love my blogger family too. I must be pms'ing. It can happen you know...even though I'm peri-menopausal...I can get pms. I hate it. See why? It makes me love it makes me hate it makes me emotional!

    Cindy Bee

  7. I always think this is hard when family leaves but it is nice to get back to your own routine even if you still get misty eyes.
    I love my blogger family also. B


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