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Monday, August 22, 2011

What is wrong with people?

Well Bloggers and Bloggettes...I was planning on doing a post about honeybees today, but my world changed this morning around 7:30 with a phone call. And I can't get this off of my mind. And I can't stop wondering.......what has happened to the morals and values of people in our society.

You see, yesterday a 12 year old boy and his Dad, two people who happen to be very important to me and our family, were walking the Nickle Plate trail with another boy scout and their Assistant Scout Master. They were working on their 5 mile hike badge. As they were stopped...standing shoulder to shoulder...looking at a tree...a man walked up, took out a knife, stabbed the Assistant Scout Master in the neck, right before their eyes, and walked away. The father told the boys to run. He tried to save the Scout Master's life. He couldn't.

So I have to wonder...what in the world would possess a person to walk up to someone and murder him. He didn't even know him. The killer...murderer...was 23 years old.

Do you suppose this killer watched a lot of violent movies or tv shows growing up?
Do you think he played a lot of killer type video games?
Maybe he didn't have a proper father figure in his life? Or Mother figure?
Maybe he was never taught morals or values.
Maybe he comes from a dysfunctional family.
Or maybe he was just plain old mean.

I don't know what his problem is/was, but I do know this...
Maybe we should just stop making up excuses for bad behavior, and start holding people accountable for their actions. Now there's a concept.
Okay....I gotta stop.... I'm starting to rant.......I'm over the shock, now I'm mad.

The 12 year old told his Mom, "I should have taken the first aid kit. Maybe I could have saved him."

Cindy Bee


  1. OMGosh! This is horrible! Prayers to the boys, Father, and Scout Asst family. What a senseless act of violence. And for these boys to have to witness it.
    I too don't understand what is happening to society...

  2. Just terrible. Thank goodness that the boys are safe. I can only guess that the perpetrator may be mentally ill, but in general I agree that discipline and good behaviour are rare these days. Society has a lot to answer for.

  3. Hi janis - I don't understand it either. Fiona - I think you are probably correct. I want to get back to language lessons. They are a lot more fun than this!

    Cindy Bee

  4. Maybe he was high on drugs!! They don't know what they are doing then:::NO EXCUSES!!! but that would be the first thought:::has he been in trouble before?
    I really felt sad this morning after hearing this story and knowing the family and how close your guys are to them!
    I hope this guy gets more than what is coming to him! he distributed several family lives in a short time: I too am mad as hell
    the cuzin

  5. I hate this also. Sorry for your pain and those of the families. I read this on the news and was so saddened. Something that was supposed to be innocent and enriching, turned into a horrific tragedy. Praying for the families and friends.

  6. I couldnt believe it either....What is wrong with society.
    I feel bad for the families and those poor boys.

    PS....Do you think Reality TV is involved?.... :(

  7. Hey ladies...I heard through a friend that he was supposedly on meds and didn't take them that day...the he probably is mentally ill. And who knows...he could be on drugs or meth or whatever....all I know is it did disrupt lives. The 12 year old said this might affect him mentally for a very long time.

    I don't think reality tv is involved, but I can't like it. Sorry. Too many people getting jerked around, playing with emotions, just so they get ratings.

    Cindy Bee

  8. OH My thats horrible.. yes hold the perps responsible wether its meds or drugs or alcohol one should do something like this and get away with it...Hugs to you.....Birgit

  9. Take them out back and make them go away.....

    I'm am speechless and pissed off. WTF!

  10. Oh my goodness. I am so sorry for everyone involved. This day has changed their lives forever. Big hugs...

  11. Thanks all of you for your kind thoughts. I got to hug the little guy yesterday. And he is doing the "what if" thing. You know how you do..."we were supposed to go on Saturday..." "he usually goes to another park..." "I could have taken my shirt off and put it on his neck..."

    you're right has changed everyones lives forever. Luckily, he has great parents who have already taken him to a counselor who can hopefully help him.

    Cindy Bee

  12. I read about the scout master being killed and I was just sick--I am even more sad now when I "know" someone who they were important to personally. I am so sorry for his family and for everyone who knew him. I am so glad you let us know he is seeing a counselor. Bless his heart! Cindy--do you know what I do to get my picture to show up when I leave a message here? (I have a daughter named Cindy, I wanted Christy but I had just read Catherine Marchels (sp)book Christy and I thought I would think of that girl). It is a good book.My mom said to name her Cynthia and she could shorten it if she wanted. I like the name Cindy so that is what she is.


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