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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shop Vac Bees

You all were right about the honeybees. I got a phone call from someone who had honeybees that swarmed, then went inside this shop vac to build a hive.

They were building comb on the lid. There was a queen and brood cells. My Shug helped me and we gently removed the comb and set it inside a hive.

They seemed to settle in just fine. However, when the guy called he said, "there are just thousands of bees." And to a non-beekeeper, this looks like a lot of bees. It isn't. A "real" beekeeper, one that keeps bees for a living, would not have even messed with this. I will be surprised if they make it through the winter. A swarm this time of year usually isn't worth messing with.

The problem when moving a hive, (or a wet vac). When you move it, the bees that are out in the field, gathering nectar, always go back to the old hive location. Not the man's house that gave me the wet vac. But the place I had the wet vac until I could get a real hive together. And remember last winter I lost several of my hives.

Well I've done splits and gathered swarms and such, so now my hives are full. But I had an old bottom to a hive, and I had a hive body, super, and inner cover, which is plenty of room for these bees. But I didn't have a top. So my Shug said he'd make a top for me.


Inside the top...Very Sweet!

And here's the thing....I just now got a call. JUST NOW. A guy has a swarm of bees in his yard. "They're the size of a five gallon bucket!" We'll see. I'm a nature girl first. So I'll go look at them and check them out and probably drag them home and try to find a place to put them. Maybe put them with this hive, if I have the stomach for it. Because here is what I know if I combine them. Those queens....they'll fight....until one of them dies. The strong survive in nature folks. I'll let you know how it goes. Might have ringside tickets for sale.....

And keep praying for those people on the East coast. Cousin Troy - stay safe. Cake Chick and Julie & Matt keep us posted on your situation. Any other blogger friends, stay safe and keep us posted.

Cindy Bee


  1. yowsa! Buzzing days for you Cindy Bee!
    I thought of you as I careful moved a small wasp nest thingy to a better location than my dysfunctioning gas grill. Hubby would have freaked & killed everyone of them. I know, I know, wasp are not are the Bee lover, not wasp...but still made me think about cha! :)

  2. thats alot of bees..... man ur brave...

  3. Holy bee swarm, Beewoman! Looks like you sure have your hands full. and...your shug,awe nice note to you.

    As for us and Irene, they are now saying she will be downgraded to a tropical storm by the time she gets to us(we are right on the CT and RI border), heavy winds still but not hurricane force. We are on the line for 5" to 10" of rain. I am really hoping for 5" and not 10" but time will tell. Thanks for thinking of us!

    Cake Chick

  4. I knew it was a shop vac...
    BtW....I like your Hoosier/ English dictionary to the sidebar...

  5. janis....Leave the wasps, and the hornets alone. You are going to get the shit stung out of you! If you want to mess with stinging insects, get a beehive. Or better yet, come over and help me. I still have a lot of work to do in them.

    Creative Wings - brave or stupid? who knows!

    Cake Chick - You are funny. And yeah, my shug can be a sweetie. I have a cousin that lives in RI, I wonder if you know him?!?!! It's a little state after all.

    RJ - Glad you like my dictionary.

  6. I am fascinated by your teachings. You are a very brave, smart bee person. I love reading about your adventures. I love the lid so sweet. Happy beeing. Is that a word?

  7. I just LOVE all these bee stories--what an adventure Cindy Bee!


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