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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Crochet Council

I'm back!!! And I hope to get caught up in my blog reading this week. To see what I've been up to you can check this post out. We have been working VERY HARD on our house. The only thing I did all week besides work at the house, cook, clean, and feed the dogs was attend my first ever crochet council meeting. I read about these councils last year, on other blogs, but was never invited to attend. There was much discussion as to whether or not I should be allowed, being a knitter and all, but they finally relented, and I was granted admittance. And I do crochet btw. Since it was our first meeting we all brought our own thing to work on, but at the next meeting we will be making hand warmers. For this meeting I brought an afghan that I said I was finishing BY THIS WEEKEND, and by golly I did. I'll show it to you later. Back to council...

They served up bacon and cinnamon rolls - yum.

I had to learn the councils motto which is, "Saving the world one crochet stitch at a time." (something like that)

While the Scribe made hand warmers and this flower,

and Reality Jayne made granny squares for a scarf,

I did a little snooping around the house...with my phone (I forgot my camera) And the best thing I learned that day was when I said...."I hate it that I forgot my camera, it's such a pain to go upstairs, get my wire to plug my phone in to my computer, come back downstairs, and download the pics" and Scribe said, "just mail them to yourself!" WHAT? of course, why didn't I think of that? Well because when I took pics with my other phone I had to download them, and I am a creature of habit.

While snooping I saw this! Seriously RJ, do you think that I thought you made this bag (snicker-snicker)

Rosie was bored by it all.

Cindy Bee

PS - I had fun!


  1. Rosie's legs look abnormally short in this photo! GASP!

    I had fun... though I did miss the Skype sessions... bittersweet :(

  2. Thanks for coming Bee. I had fun fun fun...My dog IS

  3. What fun to go to a crochet this where you learn how to crochet? I only know how to make granny squares but would love to have a "club" like that. Especially one that serves cinnamon rolls with bacon in them! I saw a lady that cut plastic bags in strips then crocheted them into large bags, they were really neat. I am home from school because we got around 8 inches of rain and there is lots of flooding.

  4. What is this council you speak of?

  5. Nice work. Bacon and cinnamon? never tried that before. B

  6. Well ladies...I've only been to one crochet council and apparently it is where women meet, and I'm not sure but I think they have to be invited, and we discuss issues of all kinds while we crochet something. And I think, from what I heard, we all crochet the same thing and finish what we start, so the items are small. And we do learn...but you have to know how to crochet to attend....I think. Who knows....I ain't making the rules I was just invited!

    And the rolls were cinnamon rolls. THe bacon was a side! LOL

    Cindy Bee


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