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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


My weekend started with a soccer game. My cousin and I were guilted into going to my niece's soccer game. Actually, a few years ago we were banned from attending them, by my sister, because we yelled too much and too loud! Tell me can you just sit there, and not yell, when your child is close to making a goal! They do. They sit there. Not just my sister, but all of them. Only three people out of all of those parents were yelling. My cousin and I were yelling, and some guy, who I asked why he wasn't coaching!

And here is a little bit about my niece. She is into making purses out of duct tape.

She wants world peace...

and she has this poster of Justin on her wall. And when I saw this I said, "ooooh this reminds me of when I used to have Donny Osmond on my wall." And my sister said, "yeah well, she did not put that poster up, her friend Madison did. She put this poster up."

That's my girl!!!!!!

After the soccer game, and lunch, we went to a church. A very old church.

I love these old neighborhoods....churches that were built years ago by real craftsmen who were proud of what they did.


we didn't actually "go to church" we went to this church for a festival.

A french market festival...they had beer and wine and food....lots of food...and bands that played good songs...

and flowers

and artsy stuff....

and here is just a sampling of some of my favorite booths....woven rugs...

flowers made into headbands and pins and such....

Who doesn't love these owls? Who? Who? (OK - sorry)

knitted sister bought that orange and pink one because....yes I could make it for her...but not for FIVE BILLS! (Scribe - that means 5 dollars) I know! The yarn cost more than that!

And this lady was yammering away....I have no idea what she was saying because I was coveting these....

religious medals. Some from 1958 she said! Is it wrong to covet religious medals at a church festival? I couldn't help myself. She made some cool jewelry type things with these (notice her neck and arms) and she is doing her "part to spread the message" she said...but I still coveted. I reckon' the next time I go to church, I'll attend the service. Because I'm still coveting...I want to make some of that jewelry with those old medals.

Cindy Bee


  1. looks like another fun day. I havent seen you for awhile ...hope things are good.

  2. Now wait we did yell when goals were made and close to being made. We just didn't yell or say "oh, get that girl out of goalie, she let 2 go through". Oh and my UK friend went to get her haircut and the lady cutting her hair asked her what "language" they speak in the UK. For real. Don't even know what to say that.

  3. And the guy behind me and my friend was yelling at his daughter Caroline. It was nice when they switched goals and he moved to the other end of the field :)

  4. Cindy Bee, you have so many fun places to go where you live. Ummm is yarn that expensive....I have no idea.
    What are you knitting right now?
    How is your house coming along?

  5. Your pictures and comments were delightful. I enjoyed the church festival very much. I would have loved to have been there!
    Cindy was it you who said you would come back to my blog and check if I had canned tomatoes this year as I had talked about in my blog. I was really inspired by that comment (I think it was you) and we picked 3 bushels of tomatoes + yesterday along with a bushel of green peppers and 1/4 bushel of jalapeano peppers and I bought 25 LBS of onions. We are going to make stewed tomatoes and salsa. I will post photos when we are done.


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