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Sunday, September 18, 2011

American-English Dictionary

Hey I thought of one....

American - Vacation
English - Holiday

So I'm wondering, what do the English call Holidays? Like Christmas, Easter, etc.

Cindy Bee


  1. Cindy, we call them holidays too. Traditionally we refer to them as bank holidays too ... so in addition to the standard holidays like Christmas, New Year and Easter, we have an Early May bank Holiday (not on May Day though!), Spring bank holiday (usually late May) and the August bank holiday (right at the end of August). And it's a well known fact that it always rains on bank holiday weekends (they usually are weekends too - except for Christmas / New Year we have our bank holidays on Mondays!!).

    Next year the Brits get an extra bank holiday for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee - and it's on a Tuesday straight after the Spring Bank holiday giving everyone a 4-day weekend. In general Britain has fewer bank holidays than other European countries - the standard in Britain is just 8 days.

    In Germany it can be anything up to 13 days depending which state you live in but, if the holiday falls at a weekend you don't get a day off for it in the week as you would in the UK. So New Year is on a Sunday this time round - in Germany it's straight back to work on the Monday but the UK gets the day off!! All very confusing!

  2. Some more translations for you:

    sidewalk = pavement
    deplane (so funny!!!!!!) = get off the plane
    (gotta ask - do you detrain as well?)
    spackle = filler
    stationwagon = estate car

    Scarily I'm waking up and remembering these in the middle of the night!!

  3. Deplane! Deplane! Mr Roark ...Deplane!!!...hehe

  4. R J - hahaha

    I love when the Brits say 'Brilliant'...We would say Excellent, Awesome, Fantastic.

    I thought of this yesterday when I was at another PSU game and a gentleman had a golf shirt that said 'Brilliant' where a company logo would be. and I thought....I have to tell Cindy bee to add that to the dcitionary. haha

    I have your cold the heck did that happen....haha

  5. and don't forget t'riffic! (terrific)
    or flippin' - they are always saying things like - 'thats flippin' marvellous'.
    Things that we scots, of course, would never say.
    No, we're too busy saying things like, 'awa wae ye', and 'ach, yer an awfy blether' and things like that.
    Scots in Australia, however, don't have time to say stuff like that, cos they are too busy trying to learn to say things like 'g'day mate', without everyone wetting themselves with raucous laughter.



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