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Friday, September 23, 2011

Granny Bee Meeting

I went to Granny Bee Stitchery group meeting Wednesday evening. We are not allowed to say "craft club" and if we do, we have to pay! Sort of like cussing!!! Apparently craft club brings up negative vibes such as plastic canvas and such. What's the matter with plastic canvas? Anyway, while some were finishing their scarves, and eating garlic bagel chips (with such strong garlic that I couldn't breathe-I was surrounded by it) I was perusing magazines that were brought in for our inspiration.

We decided that the afghan I was working on should be on the back of the couch in this picture!

This afghan

This picture. Should I write the magazine?

And 'Marilyn', who brought in all this crap yarn (sorry) expecting us to fight over it,

redeemed herself when she showed us her next project, which happens to be a bag for me! How nice of her! She knows those are my colors, and I love bags, and doilies.
Then I started thinking...maybe I should make an afghan out of this crap know, to make Marilyn feel good about bringing it in. But something doesn't look quite right. Can you pick out what yarn color I need to leave out of the afghan?

And when I needed to borrow a pair of scissors, look at this little ditty bag/book that RJ made for her scissors and what not! CAAAUUTE!

And as we were sitting there, chatting away, working on our projects, Leslie wanted to look at a pic of something on my camera. Well then she starts flipping through all the pictures and says, "ooh what's this? Old Christmas bulbs? You didn't tell us about these!" Well noooo, I don't tell everything!

You see, last Friday my Sister and I decided we were going to have a garage sale at my parents house, because their neighborhood was having neighborhood sales. So whilst my friend and I were on our way to my parents house with a car load of stuff to unload for the garage sale, we saw a garage sale! And it was a good one! Love that picture frame! And the ornaments...well she wanted $5.00 for them, but I said I'd give her a dollar and she said ok.

And when I brought the ornaments home and started looking at them, I pulled this one out and I audibly gasped!

I would have paid $5.00 for it alone! These are all mercury glass ornaments, and old. How did it ever survive...even a garage sale! And remember the Historic Home tour and how they had booths on the square downtown? Well, I bought the bundle of these beauties...

all mercury glass! Are you drooling? We put all old ornaments such as these on our tree.

Only I had to pay $20.00 for the bundle. She was asking $10.00 each strand. I would not have paid that! And what Miss Leslie did not see, because I just bought it yesterday was this old muffin tin for 50 cents! Which she is going to love because you should see what the talented Miss Leslie does with old muffin tins. I'll show you sometime.

I thought it might be cute to display some of my wares at the Granny Bee fall open house next weekend. All of you readers that are close by should come. We could have a blogger fest! Bring a stitchery item to work on and just sit around with's allowed! But let me say this, do not call it a Craft Club. THE GB will make you pay!

Now this is something else I got at a garage sale. I bought her because it says Lefton on the bottom, and I've heard of Lefton....but she's kind of freaking me out....

She looks innocent enough, but last night I put her under the light on the kitchen counter and proceeded to take a picture, and it looks like she is looking different in each picture. Like she is moving her head. I'm serious. The first two pics look the same, but look closely at the first picture, looks like she is looking up. You can even see her neck.

Then this second pic, I think she might be looking at me taking the pic.

Then this one she looks like she kind of turned sideways...I don't's just creeping me out.

Anyway, back to yesterdays sales.....

My friend and I told this lady at a sale yesterday that we really liked her cash box. There were three of us that were going to fight over it. Or auction it off! The lady said, "I have another one I don't need them, I'll sell them both." She wanted $5.00, I said $3.00 she met us in the middle at $4.00. And we each got one. The third lady was just playing with us, she didn't really want it. And when we got home my friend called me and said there was one on e-bay and they were asking $45.00! Seriously? Yup seriously...I looked it up.

I just think it's a cool box for sewing supplies and such...or something. It's a tin from West Germany.

That's all I'm gonna show you for now Leslie. ('cept for these pumpkins I made)

Happy Autumn everyone...or Fall, whatever you say. Tis the season for pumpkins, gourds, harvest, changing leaves and getting close to winter. s c a r y....winter that is...scarier than Halloween if you ask me!

Cindy Bee

PS - Hi Lynn C's Mom!!!


  1. Hey Cindy Bee! Love the pumpkins!!!! Very fallish. Are you still sick? On some kind of cold med (Drugs)? I think it was you moving sister, girlfriend, time to cut back a little on the hot toddies. Have a great weekend!

  2. got a deal for the tin box from Germany-I love it! Would love to learn how to make a granny square scarf-it's just beautiful!! Do you have a tutorial posted?
    patti :)

  3. Ohhhh! I hAve to make a granny scarf!
    Love the afghan too :)

  4. Cindy Bee, I am officially freaked out about your Lefton piece. I could not stand to have that in my house...always lookin' at me like that!

    Love RJ's bag, so cute! and those pumpkins you made are to die for.

    Does Granny Bee have a relative out here in MA? I long for a stitchery group. You girls are so crafty!!

  5. Cindy, That scarf is so beautiful!
    Was it the salmon color that doesn't belong on the afghan?
    I think I have a teapot ornament from Matt's mom. I'll have to look for it this year. Those ornaments are so delicate.
    All your goodies look like fun treasures.

  6. FUN!!! I wish i could join you little Craft club...uhm I mean Granny Bee Stitchery group... Im so jealous... you really need to move to indy. humph!
    I really love the Christmas Oldies that you discovered! I would have dropped $20 for the one precious tea pot ornament. I use to do a tree with just my oldies, but I have lost so many over the years to slips & whoopsies. Now I place them lovingly in bowls on the Fireplace mantel, and the coffee table.
    lwts meet again soon for coffee!

  7. What fun to meet and make things with friends! I would love to do that but not many of my friends are...should I say it???? CRAFTERS! I love the scissor bag and your afghan. My favorite is the Mercury glass items, I just love that stuff and what a great deal. For Christmas several years ago, hubby got me a silver jewelry box that looks alot like your little box. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a great Sunday.

  8. Bee.....Uhhh...those Christmas balls....can I least ....see them in person...I wont take them ...promise

  9. Rude not all that yarn was crap!!!


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