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Friday, September 16, 2011

crafting, granny bees, dottie angel

hi everyone,

well it's been a busy week.

and i am not feeling well...

the temps have cooled way down,

and I have a sore throat and cold.

so i've been into the honey...alot!

i've been sleeping...a lot!

and I've been working on our house,

watering the freshly planted grass seed...

doing errands for new house items.

not fun and such.

and by wednesday, I was beat.

so I missed my granny bee meeting :-(

but i have been and there...whenever i find a spot of time.

i made these pins....not the pin cushion....with fimo or sculpey clay.

and here is a picture of the afghan i was working on.

i actually finished it labor day weekend, just like i said i would.

and i learned a new border stitch, thanks to attic 24's blogspot.

and I made this cute little pumpkin pincushion/decoration

it' not finished yet...but i thought i'd give you a sneak preview because i think it's cute.

i've also been harvesting flower seeds

and sweet annie....
attempting to get some things ready for the granny bee fall open house
the first weekend in october.

but apparently, while I missed granny bee meeting wednesday evening, i was talked about.
i guess one stitcher showed another stitcher this new book she ordered.
it was a
dottie angel book.
and she said something like, "cindy is not a dottie angel follower."
the other one said something like I was a hater...a Dottie Angel hater.....
ladies....i am not a hater....
the only thing I hate is the word "hate" itself. ...
i look at d.a.'s and then...
i love her new book...
i love the pictures....
as i was shown, it's eye candy for the crafter...
all i ever said about dottie angel is she talks too much!
er well, she types too much...
and she types like this...
all in the middle of her page
with no caps or anything...
and it's just a lot for me....
being such a busy person...
and i've got blog peeps i've become attached to
that i miss when i am too busy like i have been this week
so it's not that i's a time thing
who has time to read all of that stuff...

and speaking of time....i gotta go,
because my sister and i are having a garage sale today...
and i am supposed to be at my parents house soon
where there is a neighborhood sale going on
and i am not even showered yet!

love and peace everyone...

(no hate)

cindy bee

(hey this was all in fun - ok)


  1. for somebody not feeling good you sure got a bunch done! I'm ailing with allergies, feels like a cold or something - sitting here with the chills and a sore throat, scratchy eyes. Blech. No rest for us busy bees!

  2. Just wanted to pop in and say Hi! faithful follower :)

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Cee xo

  3. When I'm ill, I put my feet up for a while ... seems like you should try resting and doing a bit less!! Hope you feel better soon!

  4. well havent you been the busy Bee Ms Cindy! I miss Blogworld! I too have been busy with work, daughters & we had a death in the family. But Im trying to catch up! Love to you & the Kokomoettes!

  5. Hmmm...I didnt say you were a Dotte Angel be mean.
    We were talking about Blog Haters and Blog Trolls. It wasnt meant to be mean at all. I was joking....
    I think people are taking the word Hate too seriously...just like they dont take the word Love serious enough.
    I liked the cute book though...

  6. PS...Your pumpkin pin cusion is cute

  7. OMG - The Coop Keeper!!! Commented on my blog!!! I didn't start feeling bad until wednesday and that's when I started getting less done. Hey I'm watching Dr. Oz right now, and there is a beekeeper on there. She - yes SHE - makes a lot of skin care products from bee venom...interesting.

    and Cee!!! GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU! Oh I just love hearing from peeps I haven't heard from in awhile! I hope things are going better for you. Did you ever hear anything about your house situation?

    Fiona - I am going to unload my car from the garage sale and go turn on the sprinklers on our freshly planted grass seed. While it's watering, I'm taking a magazine or two and going upstairs for a nap! It's just that when I commit to something, I commit to it.

    janis - I am so sorry to hear about your family member. Wish you could have met up with us last SAturday in Indy, you would have enjoyed it. Maybe next year we'll have a big blog party and all go to French Market that evening.

    RJ - did you read the little ps at the end. About this all being in fun. It was...all in fun. I know you would not say anything like that to be mean girlfriend. I was just teasing. Don't be mad at you know who! Then she'll be mad at me...then I'll be mad at someone...then before you know it you got a big mad fest going on and a bunch of haters out there....and we'll all be hating...and well..just don't go there ok! I loved that book. I want it. I just don't want to pay 35 plus 10 for shipping! Think maybe I'll be able to find it at a garage sale someday?

    Hey - I'm off to take a nap - see y'all later. Thanks for the comments.

    Cindy Bee

    PS - I think I'm going to write a cute book when I get settled in! What? I could do it....I could. I don't know what it'll be about...but I'll figure it out.

  8. Hey, This blog is entirely too long! haha I'm the same way....sometimes I surf the internet just to look at the pictures....haha "I be educated"

    You could totally write a book about the bee community. Remember all the questions we had when you started to explain stuff to us.

    Hope you feel fantastic tomorrow.

  9. PS. I think you should add petrol = gas to your English list. just saying.....

  10. whoa i didn't say you were hatin just that they were to long. i don't use caps so does that mean you aren't going to read my blog? =0{

  11. Hi Julie,

    Jolly good idea! I'll add petrol/gas to the list. And I believe there was another one you gave me to add. I will have to look...hmmm...

    you know i am going to read your blog girlfriend, caps or not. i was joking around.

    cindy bee


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