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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just a spoonful of honey...

I'm answering Julie's question from the comment section of my last post for those of you that haven't heard this as I feel it's important. It has been said that raw local honey, eaten every day, will help with allergies. The reason is honey bees take nectar/pollen from plants in your area to make honey. These are assumed to be the same plants giving you allergy problems. By taking a spoonful of honey every day, you are ingesting a tiny bit of that pollen, every day, that you are allergic to, and slowly building an immunity up in your system to these plants. Say you live in...oh, I don't know.....say Delaware....and you get honey from Indiana....the allergy thing wouldn't work because you are in different zones, which have different plants, and different pollens causing allergies. Make sense? I hope so.

Also, if you look at the post I referred to from The Suburban Settler, you'll see in her comment section how she was saying that the raw local honey she bought was so much better than store bought. The reason for that is the same as if you were to buy a tomato hauled 1,000 miles in a truck, compared to one grown in your back yard, or if you were to eat an egg laid from a chicken in your back yard, compared to one hauled in from some chicken factory. Also, some honey bought at local grocery stores is known to be half honey, half corn syrup. Get what you can from your local farmers. Local is best, back yard is better!

Cindy Bee


  1. Are you going to Horton's this Saturday? Come hell or high water I plan to be there!

  2. yes local is def better cindy..... i hope the house building is going smoothly for you

  3. uhhh...Bee...What if every chipmunk and squirrel in the community has gotten the memo , as well. ...and wants to use your back garden raised bed as a food locker???

  4. Vintage Farmhouse - I'm gonna try.

    Tabitha - it's coming along, moving forward, but slowly

    RJ - Squirrel's and chipmunks make great target practice!!! OK I'm kidding all you people out there ready to UNfollow me. Ummm try setting up a squirrel feeding station with lots of corn, sunflower seeds and such on the opposite side of your yard...maybe?

    Cindy Bee

  5. Cindy, thank you for the always!

    I totally supported my local farmers this summer. Matt hated it because it was much more expensive than what we get at the Acme. So I had to spend my own money....hahaha No really I did!!!! LOL!


  6. Well I just want to say you have "THE" best honey hands down!!! Btw way 3rd inv this year. I didn't finish til 7am this morning and I went in yesterday at noon. It was long!!!

  7. CINDY!!!!
    I just saw that you won over at Boho Farm & Home! YAY YOU! Whoo Whoo! Very cool, yep, very cool :)


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