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Thursday, September 8, 2011

One Edible Plant

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Remember this post from last Spring?

So, I'm wondering...did YOU grow just one edible plant this summer?

I did end up putting some tomato plants in the ground, but they didn't do very well. That's because, that's all I did....was put them in the ground.

(pathetic - I know - I should be embarassed to show you this pic)

My flowers look good though!

So...What'dya grow?

Cindy Bee


  1. I planned to.....but my stay in the hospital and recovery kept me from the gorgeous garden I wanted. Now all the seeds sit in a drawer taunting me every time I look in there!

  2. I am a huge zinnia fan and have a small but productive bed of them! I grew some tomatoes and some peppers that I used to make salsa and then we canned it. My daughter brought me a big bag of sunflower seeds that she grew. What fun to watch things grow.

  3. Nothing really - I did have some herbs in pots out on the patio but that was it this year. I blame moving for that - I was still sorting out the house when I should have been sowing seeds ... hopefully next year I'll do better.

  4. beautiful blooms! this year all of our flowers died early due to heat and drought. but if we get some good rains this fall/winter, i'm sure we'll get some new growth next year! :)

  5. This has not been a good gardening year at all. I am just finally getting to can some tomatoes.

  6. No, I don't have a vegetable garden and my flowers aren't as pretty as yours. The deer are loving our hostas plants and enjoyed not only the flowers but now are devouring the leaves. We are going early on Wednesday morning to pick tomatios to make stewed tomatoes and salsa. It is soooo much work but it will be worth it--I think. I have 40 pounds of pears coming also that we will can. Busy, busy

  7. We grew a lot as usual but the vege garden did not do to well because our July was so hot. Since we have such a short growing season we do not get blooms until July and the word is that it was so hot that the bees were not pollinating as well. But you would know if that was true or not. All I know is we had tons and tons of blooms and only a couple of cucumbers on a total of about 6 plants and the same with the zucchini. The rest of the garden was just about as bad except the tomatoes and peppers are giving us enough to put up salsa and some sauce. The only things that are really thriving out back are the gourds. Not sure why. Your flowers are beautiful!

  8. Hi Cindy! :)

    Your picture of your tomato plant made me laugh when you said you should be embarrassed to show the picture. That's how my tomato plants would always look but I always tried my hardest to get those things to grow! LOL! I had a friend who would always give me a few plants each year to keep in my yard and no matter where I put them or how often I watered them etc, they never fared very well. It may not seem like a good memory but I assure you it is. I love that friend and her tomato plants!

    And I agree with others, your flowers are fantastic!


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