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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Vintage Farmhouse sale

A little over a week ago, The Vintage Farmhouse had a garage sale. And if you are a blogger buddy and showed up at her sale, you got one of these lavender sachets' that she made! My friend and I went. It's such fun to meet Blogger friends. And you know what I did? I put my big ole' foot right in my mouth. Here's the way the conversation went,

First to help set the stage...

This guy is helping my friend and I load up the car (and before you give me heck for buying this furniture, I didn't. My friend refurbishes furniture)

Me: "He is so nice to help us load up the car."

Nicki (Vintage Farmhouse): mumbles to me "Well good, it's about time he did something worthwhile."

Me: "ooohhhhh"....not know what to say, thinking her husband and her are arguing.

Nicki: "He's my ex-husband."


Me: "Oh yeah...I remember you writing about him....."

HIM: What??!!!? You've been writing about me?

Nicki: "A little bit."

Me: Looking horrified I'm sure...and thinking...oh crap...but saying, "I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have said that. She just wrote a little blurb."

...God help me.....I'm gonna shut up now and just shop.

So, there you have it...I must remember when I meet blogger friends, not to mention what they write about. For example, when you meet my Shug, if you do, you mustn't tell him that we loaded the Durango like a truck. It's simply not allowed.

But we were very careful. That candelabra is mine now! I think it'll be lovely on one of my porches at my new house.

This was the sale. Lots and lots of fun stuff. I didn't want to stop shopping but I had to. My friend had to be home by noon and it was an hour drive.

I just know I could have found more goodies.... and we had to put blinders on during the ride home because I think every neighborhood had a sale between her house and my house!

Nicki and Me. Oh and btw-that tiny tot terror she talks about. Well, she started to cry when we left. I really don't think she is a terror. Her kids were all adorable. Her chickens, however, had very bad manners. For some reason, my car door was left open, and the chickens started to get in my car! Have you ever? Chickens wanting to go bye bye!

Now this is my loot that I brought home...and I am telling you now, do not miss her garage sale next year folks. I got the deals.

I want to paint these white and put them on a shelf somewhere.

My Granny Bee friends are going to be jealous of what's in that blue box.

Digby Twist. Lots and lots of thread.

Funny thing...I never used to like red at all. I love it now.

Cute lamp for the foyer of my new house.

The candelabra. I need to get some dangly thingys for it.

This was a last minute purchase. I was in the car, saw them, and jumped out and bought them and jumped back in!

Some acrylic bobble type beads. I love crafty stuff, as you know. And when we move I am going to have a craft room.

I also got some drapes and material. The drapes I think I am using for material. I love it all. Thank you Nicki for a fun Saturday and I hope I'm forgiven!

Cindy Bee


  1. I've heard people are having problems leaving a comment so I'm trying it for myself.

    Cindy Bee

  2. It was a Blogger issue... the comments that is...

    Looks fun.. I would have freaked if a chicken got in my car... they are so poopy...

  3. Holy moly.......just call you bandit? lol xoxo (you made out like one)

  4. It looks like you found a lot of treasures! xo

  5. Hey, I was thinking of you today. I was walking Violet and saw my neighbor had a nice side board on her lawn for trash. I SWIPED it! Matt came home and said, "what's going on? I can't see the TV bc there's more furniture in my house than this morning"...hahaha

    I can't imagine what your hubs says when you come home on Saturdays ;)

  6. I would have jumped in my car and drove off with the chicken. Well probably wouldn't have but would have been tempted.

  7. Jul and Brenda you two had me LOL this morning! My shug doesn't say a whole lot anymoe because there is more going out of the house than coming in since we are moving and I'm changing our decorating style. Most of the stuff I bring home is usable in our new house or will go in my new craft room. Remember, when the car is loaded down, it's from two of us, not just me!

    They got the chickens out of the car before they pooped in it! I heard that her Father fed them pizza so I'm glad they didn't poop in it!

    Cindy Bee

  8. Yes pizza and cupcakes...I too am oh so glad they didn't get in and poop!!!


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