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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Father Daughter Evening Out

Last Thursday, my sister, Dad and I went to a concert in Indianapolis. It was an appetizer and concert package deal and only $20.00. Before the concert you have an hour to visit different tables set up in the lobby to try their food and drinks. It was at the Hubert Circle Theatre, which is a very cool, old building with lots of architectural details.

We all enjoyed a glass of wine before the concert.

The band was Time for Three and they are a string band. Fiddle, violin, and big bass guitar thingy, and the entire Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra was behind them.

After the concert we decided to go to Nicky Blaines. On the way there as we are crossing the street, my Sister laughs because she thought I had lipstick on the sleeve of my sweater. So I try to rub it out and it's not lipstick, it's blood. ewww. Dad cut his elbow...who knows how...and he touched my arm. Not funny.

As we are walking along the sidewalk and get to Nicky Blaines, I said, "ooh, it's closed." My sister said, "how do you know?" lights...Well, she opens the door and it leads to nothing but stairs! This place is in the basement, it's dark inside, and there are black leather couches and chairs all around the place. It was like some speak easy in some mobster movie. Very cool place really. But I had to go tend to my sweater dammit!

No one could decide what to drink so I ordered three french martinis. Do we want a cigar? Appetizer? No thanks. Don't smoke and my stomach was still full from that white castle cheeseburger we had before the concert (blech)

mmmm yum. I think I'll have another!

We had a nice evening with lots of laughing.

On the way home Dad said, "I'll be home by 10:00 so I'll get to see the end of The Mentalist." Uhhh Dad it's already 10:30 and we have half an hour to drive yet!

Cindy Bee


  1. That sounds like a nice visit with your dad and sis. Now you'll have to teach dad how to use the DVR!

  2. Its Hilbert Circle Theatre not Hubert. Probably doesn't really matter though!
    Get your hair short!! You'll feel cute and snappy :)

  3. And isn't that cute we wore shades of pink and didn't even call each other to plan it.

  4. Jul - DVR? I don't even have one. {heavy sigh} I know I know....I have GOT to get tek savvy.

    Anonymous would be my sister and hmmm...cute and snappy...will it last? Because this fat and frumpy isn't working for me. And it is cute we both wore shades of pink without planning it. I didn't even realize we did that until you mentioned it! jeeeessh

    Cindy Bee


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