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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy "Be-aachin" Mother's Day!

Every year at Christmas time my parents try to take their three youngest grand kids somewhere special for a day or a weekend.

Well, three or four years ago when my Sister's daughter came home from one of those trips, she called her Mom a be-aach! "WHAT DID YOU SAY?" My Sister said. "Be-aach"

My Sister was MAD!

Her daughter got in trouble....was threatened not to get to go again...and my Sister promptly got on the phone to our Mom. "Do you know what she called me?" "Do you know what she's saying?"

Mom says, "ooooohhh Honey I didn't know what they were saying.... they were saying that all weekend long.....just running all over the place having fun." Mom and Dad had taken them on the pony express with Santa Claus that year, stayed in a motel, out to eat....and apparently the two younger girls who were probably 4 & 5 years old, went around yelling Be-aach...the whole time.

The older grandchild who was around 8 at the time kept telling Mom it was a bad word.

Then my Sister gets on the phone with our brother. "WAHHH WAHHH WAHHHH WAAHHHH WAAHHHHHH WAAAHHHH.....and so on...." and my brother just says....

"I think it's cute."

When Mom got off the phone with my Sis she tells Dad..."Toooom...Do you know what those girls were saying?" "oohhh hell Gerry...those girls never shut up....." (yup Tom & Gerry-for real!)

So last night I gave Mom a very special present. It was an Italian charm (remember those bracelets everyone had to have?)

You guessed had BEAACH on it. I got it cheap at a garage sale from a lady who apparently had a business because she had a ton of charms. I couldn't believe it when I saw it. AND I told Mom she could throw it away if she wanted....but she said,"oohhh noooo, I'm putting it on my bracelet!" Oh well....she knows what it means!

Don't these two look sweet? They'd be the ones....

Happy Be-aachin' Mother's day Mom and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Today just happens to be her birthday too.

And Happy Mother's day to all of you too!

And Happy Mother's day to Dog Mom's (like me!) too!!!

Cindy Bee

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