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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

JUNK DRUNK and other stuff

A friend called me last week. She is going to have a garage sale, and do I want to "come over and look at her outdoor chairs before she puts them in the sale?" Uhhh, yeeeeahhhh.... We bought two Adirondack chairs, which need painted and I did not get a pic of them yet. They are at our new house already.

I got six of these little metal cones. They are for the garden.

You put a tea light in them and stick them in the ground. Not where my Shug mows though. The light shines through the flowered opening at the top of the cone.
And I got these herb garden markers...I want to get back into herbs again. Before I got busy with being Coordinator of this town's Community garden (I'm not doing that right now) and running kids, I was very much into herbs.

And these were made by a local artist....

who I happen to know. Her name is Patty Beck.

And this folks.......

I mean THESE, not this....THESE...are what made me


Five quilts

and two comforters!

All old....

All hand made.

I think it's my year for quilts.

They are piled in a chair on the front porch right now,

waiting to be moved to our new house. I have moved most of the other blankets, and my warm winter sweaters already. Why? Well, because it got up to 88 degrees last week. And it was just as I suspected...we'd have winter...then we'd have humid summer....with no spring. But what I didn't know until now is that Mother Nature is menopausal...blasting us with cold weather again. The oldest boy I watch went on the front porch yesterday and got one of these quilts to snuggle up in.

The youngest boy just used Winston's afghan, which is quickly becoming a well loved afghan.

I went and got some brightly colored flowers at the grocery store. And layered some clothes that I still have here at the house. I am NOT turning the heat back on. I told the boys if they'd get off the couch and help me pack they'd warm up!

Cindy Bee


  1. Are you kidding ME!
    Those quilts are to die for :D
    I think you need to have a blog sale so I can buy them from YOU!!

  2. Marilyn...I just bought them! Silly girl, I don't want to sell them!

    Cindy Bee

  3. Cindy ....I am so sorry i couldnt make it that day. I would
    Oh Yeah....I wasnt invited...hehehe

  4. OH RJ - come on was an evening that my Shug and I went to visit a Master Gardener Bee Keeper friend....and besides...ahem...I believe I told you about it BEFORE I told anyone else.

    Cindy Bee

    You are such a tease!
    And I really like the tealight scone thingys..

  6. Wow those quilts are gorgeous I can't believe the work in them they are great. I like your menopausal comment. It was hot today and it is raining again I still did not get the lawn cut but the cows have their salt. B

  7. Hi Cindy, Just popping over to have a 'squizzy' at you delightful blog. Looks like I'd better keep coming back-I've already had a good laugh and ooh'd and ahh'd over those quilts. Maa.

  8. I so, want those bunnies with the herbs names on them. They are too die for cute... does she have a website or etsy shop?

  9. I love quilts and blankies of those kind. Even though I don't have any where to put them....


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