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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Birthdays, Bees, Boxes and more...

An overview of last week...

It was Vickie's birthday,

my niece's first holy communion,

Mother's Day and

Mom's birthday.

I had a lot of shopping to do for gifts and food. I had our Mom's over for brunch. I love setting the table like this and enjoying a relaxing morning with friends/family. Don't you just love those dishes and that table cloth? Garage sale finds! 12 piece place setting - 20 bucks.

I also cleaned out some dead beehives getting them ready for splits. Splits are timely and it was time. You have to 'play the weather' when you mess with bees. More on splits later...maybe Friday.

I did go to a few sales with my friend Teresa, and she helped me clean the house to get ready for Sunday brunch. She is a good friend!

I got these brand new boots for 4 bills....

I'm becoming very picky with what I buy, and I'm sure I'm in big trouble for this, but I bought a brand new Vera Bradley purse for $15.00.

I quit buying Vera's at the store because they are now made in China and not Ft. Wayne, Indiana. But I will buy one at a garage sale....carry it for awhile...and put it away in the purse closet to be forgotten about until my purge-atory friends come over and start tossing!

I took a couple of walks with my Shug in the woods...

I'm getting muscles! I AM!

I also went to AT&T, trying to figure out how we are going to talk on the phone, use the Internet, and watch t.v. It's crazy. We're only 20 minutes away from our current house, but nothing will be the same. Back in the day when one would move, one would just call Indiana Bell for an appointment and someone would come out and hook up the phone. You'd set up the t.v. antenna and you were done. Now it's confusing. We've gone from party lines to personal cell phones and black and white t.v. that the family would sit around in the living room and watch together, to watching t.v. on our computers. Do we even need a living room in our new house? Hmmm, never thought about that.

Next post - Granny Bee weekend coming soon.

Oh yeah - be sure to wish the SCRIBE HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!

Cindy Bee


  1. Lovely table all set for Mothers day...Happy belated Birthday to your mom too.
    Cool boots U found and excellent deal on Vera...
    You are getting muscle's I bet with all those boxes packed and ready to move.
    Yea dontcha just hate moving with all the stuff you need to do in regards to TV,Cells' etc..
    Yes you still need the LR. you can always do it like us and hook the PC up to the TV...
    watch shows on big screen...
    Well mom usually watches her german shows...I watch mine on the PC....
    Hope you had a lovely Mothers day
    Hugs Birgit

  2. Hmmmm....another Vera B. Just what you need. Whatever will you do with this one. have moved alot of stuff....

  3. The table looks lovely, love the settings. My best friend has that same exact bag but I think she bought it in NC when visiting her daughter. Looks like you have been plenty busy!

  4. That was some week. VB for 15.00 can't beat a deal like that. Great find. Fun new boots too. But, let's put them away till next winter, please.

  5. Oh Cindy Bee you are right we are not living in simpler times now.We have an aerial still we get 22 free channels a bonus.
    I love your dishes very nice good buy.
    I have a living room and yes we sit in it and watch TV together or during our busy season snore in the chairs together. B

  6. ohhhh... pretty pretties!
    Happy Birthday to your loved ones, Communion~ way to go niecie, your table is Divine!, garage sale shopping~ oh no! But great deals! Packing/moving yucko... The Bee stuff is sooooo cool. But the AT &T...get it right so you can keep blogging! :)


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