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Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving and Roofus

Well I'm using my Shug's laptop to say Hi.  It's very possible Roofus is on his way out.  After only two years.  He's still sick and I talked to the Computer Doc today.  He is still searching for an answer to the problem, but the diagnosis, so far, is that it could be about four different things and two of those things are almost as costly as a new computer.  Bummer.  I get attached.  I don't like change, but I'm learning.  And going through a lot of change this year.  Inside and out!  Of course, you know my camera chip is filling up.  I might be shopping for a new computer the day after Thanksgiving.  We'll have to name it something appropriate for that day. 

In the meantime enjoy your week and have a HAPPY THANKGIVING!

I'm editing this from when I original posted....I want to add.....

I would like to encourage EVERYONE to NOT shop on Thanksgiving evening. Do not patronize those businesses that are opening on Thanksgiving. Christmas will be next. I'm telling you it will. And here's the thing...if YOU shop, then you are encouraging businesses to open on Holiday's, and by doing that you are forcing people who need jobs at these places to work instead of be with their families.

OK - I'm gonna go post it on facebook now.
Everyone...if you believe in what I'm saying, post it everywhere you can.Cindy Bee


  1. Hi Cindy...I wanted to drop in and wish you a happy thanksgiving..FYI i am going to michael's on thanksgiving..which i have worked at before...most times employees volunteer and benefit in the double or triple pay the stores are willing to pay...

  2. Hi Cindy Happy Thanksgiving sorry about your computer.
    I hope you enjoy Thanksgiving in your new home and make incredible memories just like in the old home. Change is good you just have to look at it differently. HUGS B

  3. I'm with you on not shopping on Thanksgiving!

    I'm sorry Roofus is on his way out but mayhap you'll find a TurkeyLurkey to replace him.

  4. Really not sure why anyone would need to go shopping on a holiday, but I do agree that some of the workers appreciate the chance of getting extra pay. But seriously, shops are almost open 24/7 in North America and Britain ... we can't need to be out shopping that much. Here in Germany shops still shut on Sundays and that's really quite nice (maybe I'm just old-fashioned!).

    Hope you find a suitable replacement for Roofus in the sales though. It's no fun being without a computer.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. It is coming ....Happy Thanksgiving, hope you have a nice day !!! (^o^)/"""

  6. Oh no shopping on Thanksgiving for me...I will still be cleaning up the dinner dishes! But I would not anyway. And most years I do not even do the day after Thanksgiving. I may do some on line shopping though on Friday. We will see. Put some Hilltop Farms honey in my roll recipe today. Using the recipe that was posted on Mennonite Girls Can Cook site. You have a wonderful Thanksgiving Cindy Bee!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.I agree with you on the no shopping on Thanksgiving!It should be a day for family and not for shops to make money. Hope you are successful finding the right computer.Hugs,Jen

  8. but yet we close down the nativity....Ahhhh well that's humanoids.

    Bee....computers are just all the same these days. The geek at Best Buy told me , as I was buying a new laptop, that to make a lap top, here in the USA with quality parts and labor would cost 15,000..
    They are made in other countries by little people to save money..... They are cheaply made...period ..Not built to last like everything else in the world.
    Like appliances. No more 20 year old fridges....but yet we gripe about the landfills

  9. Cindy~ My beloved laptop isn't up to par either. Even before I gave her that cup of cooffee to soak in... I really loved this particular laptop, but she is just not a very well behaved and rather sensitive electronic. I have three laptops, a netbook, and a table top that are either dead or need to be put down and I wish I could exchange them for a wonderful well working light up keyboarded working snazzy laptop... sigh.
    I agree very much about the shopping. I use to love doing the get up at 5am Friday after Thanksgiving and running from line to line getting deals. I don't anymore. Partly because I no longer need to but also because I think it has gotten ridiculous. And I do feel for the employees forced to work the holidays. I heard something briefly last night on the news that employees may strike at @almart Friday am???? I need to follow up with this.
    Anyway...gotta run! Dakota is getting a doggy pampering grooming!

  10. Cindy, I agree with you. You are not going to see me out there. The stores could give us discounts all year long and they wouldn't have to worry about trying to get as many customers as possible through the weekend. If it's new in the store and already marked down 50 much was it marked up being unloaded at the dock. COME ON. I know you lady shoppers know what I am saying. Good luck with you computer...mine or it's more likely messed up too. LOL. Have a happy thanksgiving. xoxo, Susie

  11. Cindy Bee,
    I'm glad Violet's picture gave your Shug a smile. She's so easy going and gives her belly up all the time. When she's at the dog sitters, he always says. "it's so hard getting work down around the house when Violet is here, I have to pet her everytime I pass her". Makes me happy.

    I'm glad your feeling better.

    Break down and get a new computer. You'll be so happy!

    I TOTALLY AGREE about the Thanksgiving shopping! It started with the food stores and now everything is open. People don't get it. If you can go 'shopping' on Tgiving, then your job will probably change Tgiving to an optional holiday TOO! Stay home! Deal with the family, or enjoy the some TV and EAT. For goodness sake relax!

    I feel better....thanks ;)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Shug and Dixie.



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