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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

This first picture may disturb some of you.  I'm sorry if it does.  We are not vegetarians and my Shug is a deer hunter.  I won't get on my soap box about venison vs. beef, unless you ask for it.  

So, we were all excited about sleeping in Thanksgiving morning.  But that  morning my Shug wakes up and says, "I'm going hunting....see ya later."  I said, "just snuggle and go back to sleep."  I woke up half hour later...alone.  Then about an hour later, while I was fixing the green bean casserole,  I receive a text..."I got one."  My thought.....great, we're going to be late for Thanksgiving dinner.  We were NOT late.  We were, in fact, the first ones there!
So I went over to ask the neighbor for help, and I drove my neighbor into the woods, where my Shug was waiting for us.  
And when we got to my Sister and her husband's house, My Shug cooked up some deer heart.
And this kid (my niece) will seriously try anything once.  She ate two or three pieces of it.  And liked it.
But this kid (my Mom) will not!  My niece brought her this piece just begging her to try it.  She tried a teeny weeny bite.  It's a very tender meat.
And this kid (my Great niece) didn't want to eat anything.  But her Dad (below right) made her eat something before she went to play, so she ate her carrots.
This beautiful lady on the left is another niece, and her husband.  I told you all a couple of months ago she was expecting.  Sad to say she lost the baby.  
Now we all gathered around to eat the real Thanksgiving dinner.  Oh my gosh the food....there was turkey, mashed potatoes, noodles, broccoli casserole, green bean casserole, corn pudding, rolls, salad, cole slaw, potato salad, and glazed carrots.

And brownies, pumpkin something or another, key lime pie, and persimmon pudding.  If any of you want the persimmon pudding recipe, let me know.  I got it from my husband's older cousin.
After dinner, the guys tried to nap and the girls wanted to look at the ads....but my Sister had something else in mind.
You see, a couple of weeks ago she went to a Pinterest party and made these ornaments.
And she wanted us all to make some ornaments.
The ladies jumped right in.  Mom with her ornament.
Trent's Mom, who is my sis's Mother-in-law.....when we have holidays, we invite all the families on all sides. It's just easier and we all get along so well. small casuality!

The guys were in the other room watching the game....

while we crafted away....I know it's hard to see some of the ornaments.  (me)
My Sister.
My niece (my brother's oldest child - my brother and his wife and other two children couldn't make it because he had to work)
This niece was not happy.  She didn't like the way her ornament turned out and wanted to make another one.  But we had to wait and see if we had enough...and we had to get the guys in here.
I think her ornament is cute.  I don't know why she didn't like it.
Guys...come on.....hiding behind the pillows will not save you.
Dad, you did NOT make that ornament.  Mom made it for you.
There we go...Joey is joining in the fun.
Andrew...don't look so happy.  This is fun.  (my nephew - my brother's son) guy done...a few to go.
see how cute.
finally....My brother-in-law made one.  His is black and gold for Purdue.
Andrew looks much happier.

My shug does not look happy.  Hmmm, maybe he just woke up from a nap.
My Sister's father in law concentrating very hard.
He put Pops on one side because that is what his grandaughter (my niece) calls him.
And here's the deal.  I thought we were making them to take home. Nope...they are going on a "Family tree." How special.  They were all hanging at odd angles because some of them had glue and paint on them and had to dry.
Now...time to clean up the mess so we can go home.  And don't think just because you are a guy you are going to get out of helping clean up the mess either!

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Cindy Bee


  1. Looks like you all had fun! It's lovely that so many of you can all meet up - my family lives too far apart from each other to do this, so I've never experienced a huge family get together like this.

  2. What neat bulbs you all made:::
    and looked like fun
    Glad you got the guys in to do it as well
    Our guys just had to watch football--mmm
    but it was a nice day!
    the cuz gloria

  3. I am so sorry for your niece. I think all the fun family stuff will make her laugh and smile. Hug B

  4. Cindy, I love the family's a clever idea. I know what you were saying , with your comment to my site,about missing folks we have known all our lifes. It just about kills me some times..I get the blues. Love your parents Cindy, I sure do miss mine. xoxox,Susie

  5. that looks like an amazing are so lucky everyone gets along...
    I am hoping to hit a few great antique shops over the holidays...If I ur way ill give you a shout.

  6. Great looking ornaments. Love all the glitter. I just bought some of the little sets of kids wooden ornaments that came with little markers from Michaels for the grands to work on after dinner. There was one left here, I may put it on my tree and see if the little guy remembers it is his.


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