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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Stuff

I KNOW!  Two posts in one day!  I gotta tell ya some stuff. 
Happy stuff.
So.... I started feeling better and got out for the first time since Sunday.  
And no I don't take the flu shot. I might when I get old.  Then when they say on TV, "If you or a loved one has died from the flu shot that was given 20 years ago, call Kellar and Kellar and see how you are eligible for a settlement...blah blah blah."  That's just me.  Nothing against people that take it and if my immune system were more compromised I probably would take it.  But I'm gonna give them 20 years to find out all the bad stuff about it first.  I'll hold off as long as I can anyway.  
And jeeeeesh this is not what I wanted to post about.
I'm a rambling....
So while laying (or lieing) around I got to thinking....maybe it wasn't my camera that was bad.  Maybe it was my batteries, not charging.  I mean I charged them, and the light 'said' they were charged, but maybe....and I recharged my already charged batteries and viola!  My old camera is working again.  I didn't care much for the new one I bought.  It took too long for the shutter to close and my pics were blurry.  I wanted a point and shoot. 
So I took the new one back.  Which is now on sale for $40.00 less!  Which really honks me off.  I hate this time of year when you can make a paycheck just returning already purchased items because they are now on sale.
So I got my money back, did a few more errands and came home and there was a package waiting for me!

A t-shirt!  

From My Sister's friend - Christy.  Who I guess she is my friend too.  But she's really my sister's friend.  And btw Theresa, Christy said..."See, I'm the better sister!" (talking about know....being better....than you maybe....or just  nicer....ahem....anyway)
 Is this the coolest t-shirt!

What else...there were three things....OH yeah - so after opening the t-shirt I get a phone call.
"Cindy this is Candace.  I'm sorry to take so long to get back with you.  Joe said he could take a look at your computer if you can drop it off sometime this weekend!"
  WOOHOO!!!!!  These people are in my new neighborhood....sort of....a few miles away which I guess is kind of the neighborhood when you live in the country, huh?  And they are our wifi suppliers and I HIGHLY recommend them if you move into my neighborhood.  Our wifi has NEVER gone the entire month that we've had it.   And I was actually on my way to (big store) to have someone look at my computer tonight, but I saw my Aunt and Uncle outside and stopped by to visit and then ran out of time.  And I said to myself....Self...I just don't have a good feeling about taking my computer to big store tonight so I'm not going to do it.  And then I get a phone call.  So peeps, sometimes you need to listen to that inner voice telling you to.....cheeeeeck the batteries....again....don't take the computer to big store.....listen to me....

Anyway, I am going to be computerless for a few days.  I'll be visiting you through my phone...but might not be commenting.  Keep your fingers crossed my computer can be fixed.

Chat later!

Cindy Bee

PS - Our humane society is in need of towels and washable blankets. Please help if you live in my town.  And peeps in other towns, keep your humane society in mind this time of year.  They don't get a lot of money for things like that and our four legged friends need to be warm.


  1. LOVE that shirt, nice friend/sisters friend whatever. Sisters yeah I get it:)
    Sounds like the neighbourhood is where you are supposed to be now. I knew all would come together. I will be waiting to see more posts filled with HAPPY. Have a nice weekend Bee HUGS B

  2. Hey girl!
    Sorry about the stomach bug UGH! I get the stomach bug if you look at me. I swear I hardly get a cold but puking. YEah>..I'll catch that!

    Flu shots are for the 'body aches, cold, fever' stuff. (sorry I'm a medical assistant with 6 months of training so I had to pull my smarts up to educate you - LOL!

    LOVE the bee tshirt. that is so darn cute!
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the birdcage. I might be keeping my eye out for one of those next summer. Thanks for the idea

    Happy case you're computer gives up the ghost. Christmas is coming wink, wink....


  3. This is sooo you! What a happy Cindy shirt. Im trying to play catch up in Blog World.. RJ went private and I need to email her to get added. hopefull I will get added. Pluse dont go private! You Gals just dont know what a joy it is to read your blogs. I need to get up to your neck of the woods & meet up with you again. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving.


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