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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Get out there...and VOTE

You know how you have certain friends in your life for awhile.  You hang with them for years, but then something changes in your life, or theirs, and you don't see them anymore?  Then they become an acquaintenance, or an "old" friend.  Well, I had one of those friends at one time.  He became an acquaintenance.  He ran for Mayor for our town.  I did not vote in that election and I can't remember what my excuse was, but I'm sure it was lame. 
He lost by ONE VOTE. 
A couple of weeks later I went into a small store and there he was, face to face, we looked right at each other.  I hung my head down in shame....
I learned a lesson. 
He would have made a good Mayor.
I changed everyone's life in this town. (OK I might be being a bit dramatic here....but still....) 

A few years later another person I knew was running for City Council.  My husband wasn't going to vote.  I told him to get in the car and I literally drove him to that election. 
Guess what? 
My friend won by two votes.  Ours!

Moral of this story....get off your arse and

It makes a difference.

Cindy Bee

PS - I'm having computer problems again.  Don't know from day to day if it's going to work.  I'll explain more later, but my point is, if you don't hear from me, it's because my computer ain't working correctly.  bummer for me.


  1. No worries here Ms.Bee.I was in line at 7:00 am. I am now the proud owner of a sticker...and my voice has been counted!

  2. Miss Cindy, sure know how to make us think don't ya! Hope that you get the computer straightened out soon.Blessings ,Jen

  3. yes voting is VERY important... women fought for our right to vote and women should go use it...

  4. Cindy, I was 5th and Ted was 6th in line when they opened the doors. I vote for the right to whine-a** if I don't like things. One of my sisters didn't go vote...I better not hear one whining word, from her. xoxo, Susie

  5. Don't get much choice here in Ozland Cindy - they make you vote or they fine you.


  6. Voting GOD ADVICE !!!!

    Hope your computer woes are fixed soon. My sister was married to a Computer Geek I do miss him a lot since the divorce darn her:) B

  7. Oh my Goodness I meant to say GOOD ADVICE I cannot believe I typed the one above. Delete. I should really read before enter:) B

  8. Done Deal and we got free food!

    BTW LOVE the halloween masks. I asked my 5 sisters and brothers and not one had a picture of any of us in our halloween costumes. AND i have a brother who's birthday is halloween! Anyway, those masks especially the witch brings back great memories!



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